SBS Enhances Data Recovery and Achieves Cost-Effective Storage with Synology's Scalable Solutions



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Scalable storage

Synology storage solutions are optimized for digital production environments that require flexibility and speed, enabling us to store and process data quickly.

Inwook Park, IT Team Deputy Director, SBS Media

Navigating the challenges of large-scale digital content transformation

Over time, each program production team at SBS had accumulated a substantial amount of footage, reaching multiple petabytes. However, their storage requirements increased even more when they started a project that involved repurposing existing program content from over-the-air broadcasting for online digital video production.

In response to the urgent need for increased storage capacity, SBS embarked on a search for a scalable data storage solution that could offer high availability, reliability, and cost-effective storage. After considering multiple options, the SBS Media IT team evaluated the possibility of expanding their existing SAN architecture but faced significant cost concerns. This led them to opt for Synology's storage solution, which stood out for its exceptional performance, compatibility, reliability, and affordability.

Reducing storage costs by implementing multi-petabyte video storage

After evaluating solutions from various vendors in the market, SBS decided to implement Synology's HD6500 and 20 units of RS4021xs+ to meet their extensive data storage requirements, which amounted to multiple petabytes. This implementation resulted in a substantial reduction in storage costs compared to traditional SAN storage. SBS utilized their Synology devices for archival purposes and as file servers, enabling their program production teams to access and edit audio and video files efficiently. Impressed by the performance, SBS is expanding its Synology server fleet to accommodate future storage demands.

Restoring data instantaneously with a built-in snapshot mechanism

Data security was vital to SBS, particularly the threat of ransomware. By leveraging Snapshot Replication, a built-in free package integrated into Synology servers, they were able to save snapshots locally every five minutes and perform restoration in seconds, establishing a near-instant recovery mechanism. The versatile and flexible Synology backup system has also streamlined complex configuration steps and significantly reduced data recovery time by more than half, further enhancing SBS's data security measures.

The Customer

Founded in 1990, SBS is South Korea's largest private broadcaster, well-known for its over-the-air broadcasting and global cultural content. With a mission to go beyond television and enrich the world with new experiences, SBS has produced groundbreaking dramas like "The Hourglass," beloved shows like "Running Man," and impactful news programs like "I Want to Know" and "SBS 8 News." Additionally, SBS distributes exceptional content to various platforms, conducts cultural projects, and has recently launched the 24-hour online news channel, SBS Mobile 24, to enhance its mobile news service.

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