System Administration

Maintain, monitor, and manage your deployments easily with tools built in to DiskStation Manager (DSM).

Simple hardware maintenance

Keep your drives running optimally using convenient drive management tools.

Storage management

Inspect storage capacity, volumes, and drive health. Accelerate drive performance with SSD caching, and increase NAS reliability with hot spare drives.

Simple drive servicing

Rotate old drives or increase capacity without degrading the storage pool by cloning them to spare drives. Use Auto Repair to rebuild arrays when old drives are replaced without accessing DiskStation Manager. For a completely hands-off approach, Auto Drive Replacement will clone failing drives to pre-installed hot spares.

Rapid RAID repair

Fast Repair significantly reduces repair time of degraded arrays while incurring less wear and tear on drives by rebuilding only the used portion of a RAID array. No matter if you are using common RAID configurations or RAID F1 to prevent simultaneous SSD failure, your systems will be back to peak performance in a matter of moments.

Simple hardware maintenance

Powerful monitoring tools

Ensure your NAS is optimized using performance and monitoring tools.

Resource Monitor
Storage Analyzer
Log Center

Extensive management features

Protect your data and manage users with extensive administration tools.

Strong data integrity

Btrfs utilizes powerful snapshot technology, data scrubbing, and checksums to deliver data protection and integrity. Learn more

Centralized user management

Leverage resources efficiently by easily delegating administrator privileges to non-administrators. Learn more

Easy system migration

Move all your data to a new Synology system with minimal downtime using Migration Assistant. Learn more

Maximize service continuity

Synology High Availability (SHA) ensures systems remain available in the event of hardware failures or disasters. Learn more

Flexible administrative role delegation

Delegate predefined roles to non-administrator users and spend less time managing IT resources. Task designated users with managing only specific system services.

Account and shared folder management

Let delegated users manage user accounts or administrate shared folders to ease IT admins’ workload in response to HR changes.

Secure system monitoring delegation

Permit external IT personnel to monitor system status in real time, but restrict service providers from modifying system settings.

Limited backup management privileges

Grant designated users the right to manage backup tasks without administrative privileges over other users’ backup tasks and data.

Flexible administrative role delegation

Large-scale deployment solutions

Successfully manage multiple Synology deployments with robust, centralized solutions.

Central Management System

Central Management System

Conveniently manage up to 10,000 Synology NAS using group policies, delegation for improved security, and bulk system updates for enhanced productivity.

Central Management System

Active Insight

Active Insight

Speed up diagnosing anomalies and monitor device health from anywhere using a centralized dashboard hosted on the cloud.

Active Insight

Optimize your deployment

Discover how to cost-effectively improve data integrity, performance, and maintenance with powerful hardware and software solutions.

Models for effective system administration

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