LASALLE College of the Arts thrives with Synology solutions, fostering collaboration and secure storage for artistic endeavors


Synology's straightforward solutions are our go-to choice for 4K video storage. Not only are they cost effective, but they are also reliable and the best on the market.

Gan Gay Hiong, Senior Manager (ICT Operations), LASALLE College of the Arts

Faced compatibility issues with their Windows File Server solution for Apple iMac users, hindering centralized data management and collaboration

Apple iMacs are the mainstay for film editing and other work by students at LASALLE. The school's Windows File Server solution was not efficient when working with Apple computers and had compatibility issues. The cost of maintenance was also high, and would further rise as LASALLE's demand for servers and data backup grew. 

For video editing tasks, direct-attached storage (DAS) was used, but this limited access to one client computer at any one time. Data was scattered between DAS units placed in different classrooms, standing in the way of centralized data management, collaboration and data protection.

Streamlined data access with Synology servers for Apple computers, enabling seamless collaboration and robust VM backup protection.

LASALLE found that Synology storage servers would let users access, search and manage their files efficiently from Apple computers. Leveraging Synology's wide file protocol support, the college managed to set up a fast file server solution for all Mac devices at the faculty. By enabling students to store and access project files directly from any computer, the college managed to streamline workflows and eliminate waiting times.

Seamless collaboration in every classroom

Based on their positive experience with Synology systems, LASALLE decided to replace their DAS servers with Synology RackStation units. Consolidating data previously scattered among different DAS servers onto NAS systems has made collaboration much easier, as multiple users can access the same folders and files simultaneously. Regardless of which server the files are stored on, students can access their 4K video projects from any Mac workstation at the college.



Protecting 100 VMs

LASALLE backed up 100 VMs to Synology RackStation Plus and XS+/XS Series units. To further enhance their data protection strategy, LASALLE also leveraged Hyper Backup, another built-in license-free backup application on the Synology NAS, to back up files on their existing NAS.



Comprehensive data management solution to meet full compatibility

LASALLE College of the Arts now has a comprehensive data management solution that is compatible with their unique technology needs as an arts and design institution, offers data resiliency and reliability, and enables collaboration and teamwork on creative projects and workflows.

Since adopting Synology's data solutions, the institution now has:

  • Fast access to network files and resources from Apple devices.

  • Easily scalable storage solutions for faculty.

  • Secure storage and access to 4K video project files for students.

  • Resilient data backups to remote equipment.


With Synology, LASALLE found better ways to learn, create and share.

The Customer

LASALLE College of the Arts, founded in 1984, is among the premier contemporary arts and design institutions in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It offers 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fine arts, design, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theater, and more. LASALLE's faculty is led by a community of award-winning artists, designers, educators, and researchers. The college is to become part of a new University of the Arts Singapore when it launches in 2024.


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