Multi-site surveillance

Multi-site surveillance

Monitor, operate, and manage thousands of cameras and hundreds of recording servers from a single console. Combine local and remote administration with comprehensive backup for maximum security and efficiency.

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Safety at scaleDistributed surveillance systems demand flexibility of deployment, easy expansion, and high reliability. Deliver these and much more by combining the scalability and reliability of Synology servers with our feature-rich suite of surveillance and video management tools.ManagementConfigure, manage and deploy thousands of surveillance devices with ease.MonitoringProtect your assets efficiently with intelligent analytics and automatic alerts.SecurityEnsure privacy with advanced safeguards and granular user permission settings.Data protectionKeep your surveillance operational and protect footage when disaster strikes.Seamless managementDeployments that cover large areas or many sites demand powerful tools for remote batch configuration and troubleshooting of surveillance devices. Central consoleWith Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS) and other solutions, Surveillance Station makes it easy to deploy and manage hundreds of recording servers and thousands of IP cameras.Learn moreFlexible integrationSurveillance Station offers full integration with Windows Active Directory (AD) or LDAP, enabling surveillance system access and permissions management using AD or LDAP accounts.Learn moreBatch deploymentThe automatic installation wizards in Surveillance Station support batch deployment of cameras by using default credentials, importing prepopulated spreadsheets, or copying settings from existing IP cameras.Remote updatesSurveillance Station CMS offers centrally managed remote update options for online and offline recording servers, simplifying the process while also ensuring software compatibility between servers.Intuitive monitoringA full set of advanced monitoring features and automations can help security staff maintain awareness of potential threats even when not on site.Notification systemsDefine event types that trigger notifications and receive warnings via email, text, or push notifications.Learn moreUniversal accessMonitor feeds and access management tools from web browsers, desktop clients, and mobile apps.Learn moreAI analyticsLeverage intelligent Deep Video Analytics to increase monitoring accuracy and reduce workloads. 1Learn moreIntuitive and powerful toolsFlexible and customizable interfaces are key in enabling on-site and remote teams to effectively keep on-premises security in check at all times. Flexible dashboardCreate a monitoring dashboard that fits your needs by freely arranging, resizing, and swapping video feeds. Go for a TV wall-like experience by displaying up to 100 camera channels at once.Learn moreAlerting capabilitiesIntegration with online map providers Google Maps and OpenStreetMap enables precise geolocation of detected events for shorter reaction times in case of potential security events.Learn moreBuilt-in securityProtect your footage at all times—from inception to archival—using integrated safeguards based on industry-standard transmission and encryption protocols, including AES-256.Learn moreEncrypted video streamsProtect privacy with support for HTTPS and SRTP-enabled IP cameras that secure video streams on their way to the recording server.Secure connectionsEncrypted HTTPS communication shields all connections between host servers and the Surveillance Station Client, web portal, and mobile apps.Recording encryptionUse different sets of encryption keys for footage to prevent unauthorized access to recordings in case the server or administrative credentials are compromised.Keeping unauthorized access at bayThe ability to assign varying privileges based on each team’s role increases control and flexibility while ensuring high security standards. Powerful delegation settingsAssign recording servers to specific teams, making sure that each can only access footage from their assigned areas.Granular privilegesConfigure individual privilege profiles for each team member to clearly define responsibilities and lower the risk of data breaches.Learn moreSecure authenticationEnforce secure access methods with multi-factor authentication (MFA) or hardware security keys.Learn moreEnsuring data and service availabilityBuilt-in safeguards are crucial to protect people and assets in case primary surveillance servers or infrastructure become unavailable. Failover solutionsN+M failover allows flexible, automatic, or manual transfer of all cameras and settings to other servers in the deployment in the event an outage occurs with the primary server. Pair a dedicated failover server with multiple recording servers or assign multiple failover destinations for each recording server.Learn moreFlexible offsite archivingOne-to-one or one-to-many archival tasks can help retain larger volumes of recordings and minimize the risk of data loss by creating one or several offsite backup destinations. Configurable schedules and bandwidth limits help prevent backup tasks from impacting operations.Learn moreDual recordingRecord camera feeds to two locations simultaneously and retain access to critical footage from a secondary system should the primary server become inaccessible. Use a second Synology server or secure cloud recording with Synology C2 Backup for Surveillance for easy online playback and sharing.

Customer stories

Richmond Master Distributorstopology large
Richmond Master Distributorstopology small

Richmond Master Distributors

  • Smooth deployment of Synology NVR or NAS in all 56 stores
  • Secure local access with granular permission management
  • Up to 99% reduction in time spent on management
Peachy Eventstopology large
Peachy Eventstopology small

Peachy Events

  • Simplified and configurable monitoring of 167 live feeds
  • Increased service uptime thanks to backup recording servers
  • Cloud backups of system configurations for maximum reliability
Odyssey House Louisianatopology large
Odyssey House Louisianatopology small

Odyssey House Louisiana

  • Effective monitoring of access points through 118 cameras and 22 door controllers
  • Shorter reaction times thanks to Action Rules and real-time notifications
  • Easy access to critical footage through Windows AD integration
Chausson Matériauxtopology large
Chausson Matériauxtopology small

Chausson Matériaux

  • Automated event detection alerts supported by smart analytics
  • Centralized management of over 100 recording servers through Synology CMS
  • Real-time preview of detected events on interactive maps for quick investigation
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