Security Solutions

Thousands of security breaches occur every day, causing significant financial, reputational, and emotional damage. We continue to develop robust and sophisticated security solutions that protect the data stored on your servers.

Prevent security risks

Prevention is your first line of defense against security breaches. Your Synology server can be protected with intelligent solutions to stop attacks on your system and unauthorized user access.

System-level prevention

Create firewall rules, automatically block IP addresses with too many failed login attempts, and enable Account Protection to reduce the threat of brute-force attacks from untrusted clients.

User-level prevention

Add an extra layer of security if your credentials are leaked. Secure SignIn offers secure multi-factor authentication methods or convenient passwordless options. User-level permission settings can be applied to restrict access to files and features on a per folder or application basis.

Certified and trusted encryption

Synology DSM has been thoroughly tested and certified with FIPS 140 for cryptographic modules, as well as OpenChain 2.0 and 2.1 for open source compliance. Industry-standard AES-256 encryption is also used to keep your files secure.


Secure SignIn

Activate 2-factor authentication or choose from a range of passwordless login methods. Eliminate weak passwords and secure your Synology DSM account.

Approve sign-in

Tap a button in the Synology Secure SignIn mobile app on your phone or tablet to approve sign-in requests.

Hardware security key

Authenticate DSM account logins using hardware security keys, including built-in biometric identification (macOS Touch ID, Windows Hello) or U2F/FIDO2 compliant USB keys.


Security Advisor

Minimize security risks by implementing recommended changes delivered by Synology Security Advisor based on routine scans for malware, vulnerable configurations and abnormal login activities.

Simple setup

Select predefined security baselines or customize essential security checks that identify configuration issues and cyber threats.

Routine scans

Set a scan schedule to ensure system integrity when files are modified and identify out-of-date packages that need updating.

Login analysis

Get alerted of suspicious login attempts to help you pinpoint and react against malicious third-party activity and brute-force attacks.


Beat the security bugs

Your security is our priority. We work with and reward security researchers who highlight newly discovered vulnerabilities through the Bounty Program. The Synology Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) will investigate and publicly report these while you can feel assured that your NAS will receive firmware and software updates for up to five years.


Proactive recovery methods

There are multiple ways to recover your data if you are affected by threats like encryption-based ransomware or physical damage to hardware.

Back up externally

Bolster your security strategy with another layer of protection by backing up a copy of your NAS data to an off-site NAS or external device using Synology's Hyper Backup, Snapshot Replication, and USB Copy. Multi-version backups can be set up, offering more recovery points, greater data consistency, and restore efficiency.

Back up to the cloud

Store backups of your files to C2 Storage for Hyper Backup to complete your protection plan and ensure your data is accessible even if local copies are compromised.

Back up your computer to your NAS

Synology Drive Client enables you to back up files and folders from your PC to your NAS, while Active Backup for Business provides advanced protection for various physical and virtual environments.


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