Petabyte-scale solutions

Consolidate massive amounts of data with servers built for high scalability and performance.

Flexible deployment and scaling options Product lineup for organizations of all sizes Synology provides a wide range of options to meet different size and performance needs. Entry-level scalable systems start at 216 TB and can scale up to 9 times, while larger 960 TB, 60-bay units allow scaling five times to 4.8 PB. Our solutions are suitable for fast-growing companies and enterprises with high storage demands.Flexible deployment on premises and in the cloud Effortlessly expand your IT infrastructure to meet large-scale data storage needs across multiple sites with a mix of on-premises and hybrid cloud solutions.Simple system management and monitoring Scale up on demand and without disruptions Benefit from a straightforward initial configuration and simplified management in the long run. Seamlessly add new volumes or expand existing RAIDs on expansion units without causing any interruptions to services on the host, thanks to online storage expansion.Efficient multi-site monitoring and management Stay ahead of potential issues across any number of Synology systems and increase IT operational efficiency with automated real-time monitoring, protection, and troubleshooting advice.Store with confidence Immutable folders and data protectionEnsure compliance with data retention regulations.Learn more Flexible backups and replicationCost-effective on-premises, off-site, or hybrid cloud data retention strategies.Learn more Prevent physical data theftVolume-level or per-folder data encryption.Learn more Primary use cases Centralize and scale up surveillance Effortlessly centralize and manage distributed surveillance installations, ensuring seamless oversight of recorded footage, while easily scaling storage as deployments expand.Store creativity in a hub Synology servers are perfectly equipped to handle the demands of complex video post-production workflows and high-resolution footage storage.Centralized backups of your entire IT infrastructure Securely back up Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, file servers, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, and Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts. Recover from incidents quickly with granular or bare-metal restoration paths.Comprehensive protection for your deployments Set up and monitor bare-metal backups of all your systems from a central management console. Leverage built-in deduplication technology to reduce backup sizes and efficient multi-versioning to increase protection against accidental changes and malware attacks.Product recommendations

HD Series

Scalable high-density storage servers for multi-petabyte applications.

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SA Series

Highly scalable NAS/SAN storage to meet extensive data storage needs.

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More ways to manage dataIT infrastructure protectionIncreasingly complex home environments and business IT infrastructure make protecting every endpoint of paramount importance.Learn moreRansomware preventionSynology products come with prevention and recovery solutions that can help protect or restore your data and hardware.Learn moreFile serverSimplify user and IT workflows with seamless native solutions for cross-site synchronization, multi-platform access, and centralized server management.Learn moreGet startedContact regional sales for more information.Learn moreFind a Synology partner in your region.Learn more