>Data backup and recovery solutionsVersatile and comprehensive backup solutions with intuitive software to safeguard business-critical workloads.Data backup and recovery solutions Our solutions protect… 12.5M+SaaS accounts1.3M+Endpoints & VMs Protect your data at all times Consolidate and back up all your digital data into one platform. Protect against ransomware attacks and other threats, and quickly recover essential data in case of accidental deletion or loss to ensure business continuity. Data protection made easySet up and monitor all backup tasks from a central console and efficiently manage large-scale deployments.Fast and efficient backupsReduce backup sizes with incremental backups, maximize storage efficiency with data deduplication, and reduce overall backup times.Reliable data recoveryEasily retrieve or restore data, cut down intervals between versions, and lower overall restoration time.Transparent cost of ownershipBack up and secure as many devices and SaaS accounts as storage allows, without worrying about licenses. Build a strong data protection plan for your business Centralize backups of VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows, macOS, Linux, NetApp, Nutanix, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace to ensure fast recovery and continued service availability.
Virtual Machine
Physical Server
File Server/NAS
Comprehensive backup and restoration solutions Powerful backup features Maximize backup efficiency with incremental backups and leverage point-in-time snapshots to save multiple versions of your data at different points in time. Data integrity safeguards Detect and restore corrupt data with Btrfs file self-healing and boost reliability by validating and testing your backups. Instant disaster recovery Instantly recover lost data with local snapshots, flexibly recover select files and folders, or restore entire devices.
Implement a fail-proof backup strategy
Establish a 3-2-1 backup strategy and avoid potential data loss due to ransomware attacks, cyberattacks, data corruption, or destruction of the primary site. Store 3 copies of your data onto 2 different types of media, and store at least 1 copy off-site. Explore Synology backup solutions to secure your backups and replicate your data off-site onto our private servers as well as public clouds.
Large-scale deployment
Small-scale deployment

Perform backups, centrally manage backup servers, and secure backup data with off-site copies. If any alerts are issued, relevant personnel will be notified so that everyone can stay informed on server status, no matter their location.1

Perform backups and secure backup data by storing off-site copies to public clouds.1

Maximize your return on investment No software licensing fees Simplify and cut down on IT expenses by only budgeting for hardware costs — no need to worry about device or account-based pricing. Hardware and software integration Protect your IT infrastructure and free up IT resources with a versatile and powerful backup appliance.
Recommended configurations
Usable storage32 TB28 TB56 TB
Storage configurationData volume6 x 8 TB in RAID 610 x 4 TB in RAID 6 (Includes 1 hot spare)10 x 8 TB in RAID 6 (Includes 1 hot spare)
SSD cache2 x 800 GB M.2 NVMe in RAID 12 x 1920 GB SATA in RAID 12 x 3840 GB SATA in RAID 1
Backup capacity3Source data19.5 TB17 TB33.5 TB
Source devices6050100
SaaS accounts140400800
Warranty5 yearsUp to 5 years45 years
Memory (expanded)16 GB16 GB32 GB
SKU list2
  • 1 x DS1823xs+
  • 1 x D4ES02-8G
  • 6 x HAT5310-8T
  • 2 x SNV3410-800G
  • 1 x RS2423RP+
  • 1 x D4EU01-8G
  • 10 x HAT5310-4T
  • 2 x SAT5210-1920G
  • EW2024
  • 1 x RS3621xs+
  • 3 x D4EC-2666-8G
  • 10 x HAT5310-8T
  • 2 x SAT5210-3840G
Gartner Peer Insights 4.7/5 star rating Synology provides proven high-quality backup solutions that are reliable, efficient, and easy to use.5
More than half of Fortune 500 companies rely on Synology solutions.
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Get started today Backup Solution GuideLearn moreGet in touchLearn moreNotes:Secondary backups are not supported by Active Backup for Google Workspace and Active Backup for Microsoft 365.Synology servers, accessories, and configurations used in this chart are for demonstration purposes only. Other Synology servers and accessories listed on the compatibility list can also be used, if needed.The estimated backup storage size is calculated based on the Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) retention strategy for one whole year. Please refer to the calculation guide for an estimate on the number of devices and users that can be backed up.These devices come with a 3-year hardware warranty, which is extendable to 5 years with EW202 Extended Warranty. EW202 Extended Warranty may not be available in select regions or countries. Please click here to check for availability.
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