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Synology® Joins the OpenCAPI Consortium

Continuing to focus on the development of new standards

Taipei, Taiwan—February 23, 2017—Synology® Inc. has become a member of the OpenCAPI Consortium. Synology has always been looking for data-centric approaches to server design, which put the computing power closer to the data and removes system bottlenecks in traditional system architectures to provide better storage performance.

As Synology continues to innovate and adapt to new and evolving tech standards, the company also aims to provide high-performance and reliable solutions to its users.

About the OpenCAPI Consortium

OpenCAPI Consortium is a nonprofit organization formed in October 2016 by OpenCAPI Board Members AMD, Google, IBM, Mellanox Technologies and Micron. The organization created an open coherent high performance bus interface, based on a new bus standard called OpenCAPI, and grew the ecosystem that utilizes this interface. Synology has become an observer member, along with HPE, Dell EMC and SuperMicro. For more information on OpenCAPI Consortium, please visit the OpenCAPI Membership Page.