DSM Version:

Hybrid Share


  • Synology's own hybrid cloud solution combines the local performance of Synology NAS with the scalability of C2 Storage
  • Allows mounting the same Hybrid Share folder on multiple Synology NAS devices to achieve multi-site file access
  • Allows files to be centrally stored in Hybrid Share folders on demand and when needed, thereby reducing local storage and bandwidth usage
  • Caches active files locally for low-latency file access
  • Comes with C2 Storage Portal for easy management of Hybrid Share folders and connections to each Hybrid Share folder
  • Ensures data security with end-to-end AES-256 encryption


  • Requires a Synology NAS model that supports the Btrfs file system, has 2 GB of memory, and is updated to DSM 7.0 or above
  • Requires a Synology Account with a subscription to the C2 Storage - Advanced Plan
    • Offers new subscribers a 30-day free trial
    • Supports third-party login using Apple and Google
  • Allows the creation of multiple Hybrid Share folders on C2 Storage (The maximum number of Hybrid Share folders you can create depends on the amount of storage purchase)
  • Allows the same Hybrid Share folder to be mounted concurrently on up to five Synology NAS devices
  • Allows a Synology NAS device to mount multiple Hybrid Share folders concurrently (The maximum number of Hybrid Share folders you can mount varies according to product models)
  • Only allows administrators (or users delegated with sufficient permissions) to mount a Hybrid Share folder or convert a shared folder to a Hybrid Share folder at DSM Control Panel > Shared Folder (Learn more)
  • Supports file access via the following protocols:
    • SMB/CIFS
    • AFP
    • NFS
    • FTP
    • WebDAV
  • Supports the following applications, packages, and services:
    • File Station: For accessing and managing the contents of a Hybrid Share folder from the web browser or mobile application
    • Synology Drive: For file versioning and collaborating on Synology Office files
    • Hyper Backup: For backing up and recovering files and folders (A Hybrid Share folder can only be set as the source folder)
    • Cloud Sync: For syncing and sharing files and folders to other supported cloud services
    • Web Station: For setting up web portals to manage files and folders
    • USB Copy: For copying files and folders between your Synology NAS and external USB/SD storage devices
    • Presto File Server: For transferring files and folders between multiple Synology NAS devices, or between personal computers and Synology NAS
    • Synology Universal Search: For searching files and folders on your Synology NAS (Contents in Hybrid Share folders cannot be indexed)
    • Document/PDF Viewer: For viewing documents and PDF files
    • Log Center: For monitoring and recording the events on Synology NAS
  • Integrates Synology Drive Server to provide version control
  • Supports pinning files and folders permanently to the local cache of the Hybrid Share folder for quicker access (Learn more)
  • Optimizes data transfer to C2 Storage by uploading only changed data
  • Stores frequently accessed cloud data in the local cache to reduce access latency. Please note that:
    • The reserved local cache size must be at least 500 GB
    • The reserved local cache size cannot exceed 90% of the Btrfs volume size
    • The reserved local cache size cannot exceed the quota of the Hybrid Share folder on C2 Storage
  • Evicts data with the oldest access time from the local cache to create space for new data. Please note that:
    • Oldest accessed data (excluding pinned files and folders) are evicted automatically when the local cache usage reaches the reserved local cache size
    • Users can also go to File Station to select and manually release local files from the local cache
  • Implements cache throttling to intentionally slow the amount of data being written to the mounted Hybrid Share folder when the Btrfs volume is low on available capacity. Please note the that:
    • Read speed is unaffected
    • Write speed is throttled when the volume usage reaches 80%
    • Minimum write speed (128 KB/s) is applied when the volume usage reaches 95%
  • Sends notifications when specific Hybrid Share events or errors occur
  • Supports automatic DSM configuration backup and restore for instant data recovery (Learn more)


  • Not all shared folders can be converted to a Hybrid Share folder (Learn more)
  • Hybrid Share folders can only be mounted on Btrfs volumes
  • Hybrid Share folders cannot be mounted on a high-availability cluster created with two different Synology NAS models
  • Hybrid Share folders cannot be set as sync folders in Synology Drive ShareSync
  • Hybrid Share folders do not support virtual drives and CIFS/NFS remote folders
  • When connecting multiple Synology NAS devices to the same Hybrid Share folder, join these devices to the same domain or LDAP to synchronize file permissions
  • Hybrid Share is not supported in China

Affiliated Utility

Synology Hybrid Share Download Tool


  • Works as a companion Windows/macOS/Linux client for Hybrid Share
  • Allows one-way download of the latest version of files from a Hybrid Share folder to a personal computer
  • Supports decrypting a Hybrid Share folder from a personal computer with end-to-end encryption
  • Supports running multiple download tasks concurrently in the background


  • Supports the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7 and above
    • macOS 10.14 and above (64-bit)
    • Ubuntu 16.04 and above (officially supported 64-bit versions)
  • Requires a Synology Account with a subscription to the C2 Storage - Advanced Plan
  • Requires completing the mount or conversion setup of a Hybrid Share folder on Synology NAS beforehand
  • Filters files and folders by using keyword, file extension, file type (document, photo, music, and video), file size, or modified date
  • Supports notifying the completion or failure of download tasks
  • Allows each Hybrid Share folder to be linked to up to three client computers concurrently
  • Allows changing to other Hybrid Share folders under the same account without the need to sign in again