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Synology® Releases VPN Plus Server 1.3 Beta

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom — 19th December, 2017 — Synology® Inc. today announced the beta release of VPN Plus Server 1.3, which brings a clientless remote desktop solution to Synology Router products, and provides concise and informative traffic reports for IT administrators to easily inspect the usage of each VPN service.

"As the mobile workforce expands globally, enterprises need an adaptable telecommuting solution to improve work flexibility," said Freda Li, product manager at Synology Inc. "In addition, it is critical for enterprises to monitor, control, and audit all incoming traffic to ensure network security. With VPN Plus, both goals can be achieved."

VPN Plus Server 1.3 Beta introduces the following features:

  • Remote Desktop: Supporting RDP and VNC protocols, VPN Plus Server allows employees to remotely access and control their Windows and Mac computers, or other client systems in the office simply by using a web browser. At the same time, IT administrators are able to set user privileges, prevent remote access to sensitive internal systems, and apply speed limits. All connections are controlled on premises without going through a third-party server.
  • Traffic Report: Information on all VPN services, including traffic usage and trends, most active periods, top users, and more, is visualised in charts and graphs, allowing network engineers to quickly identify any traffic anomalies or suspicious behaviors, and to optimise resource allocation.

To learn more about VPN Plus Server 1.3 Beta, please visit


VPN Plus Server is available on Synology Router RT2600ac and RT1900ac.

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