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Synology® C2 Backup Now Available to Users Worldwide

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom — March 19, 2018 — Synology® Inc. today announced the general availability of the Synology C2 Backup service to users worldwide. Initially established to meet the increasing demands from European customers for a secure and highly-integrated cloud backup solution, C2 Backup now allows precious data stored on Synology NAS around the world to retain copies on Synology's Europe-based cloud storage in case of disaster recovery.

C2 Backup has sustained high growth in the six months following the initial launch. Its data centre in Frankfurt has expanded in response to the overwhelming popularity and the increasing storage demand. The level of customer satisfaction is attested by the subscription retention rate, with over 96% of new users continuing their subscription after the free trial. All the success in the European market proves the service to be a well-optimised and cost-effective solution, and it stands to reason that the same solution will benefit even more customers in more countries. 

"The flexibility of cloud backup in terms of low barrier to entry and strong future scalability plays a key role in the rapid growth of this market. With the demand for offsite data protection on the rise, we have received numerous requests from regions outside EMEA to expand our C2 Backup coverage," said Jia-Yu Liu, Director of Application Group at Synology Inc. "We are happy to announce that all users around the world can now enjoy the same seamless backup experience designed specifically for Synology NAS."

Synology C2 Backup offers two plans for users with different requirements:

  • Plan I fulfills essential backup needs with the following features:

    • Daily backup with regular retention

    • Up to 11 backup versions for the past 30 days

    • Flexible plan selection of 100GB, 300GB, and 1TB storage capacities

  • Plan II provides users that require advanced data protection with the following features:

    • Flexible backup schedules

    • Customisable retention policies

    • Data deduplication for storage usage optimisation

    • Terabytes of storage capacity

Synology C2 Backup offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers to try the solution in their production deployment environments. 

For more information, please visit Synology C2 Backup website at

For larger storage capacity demand, please contact us at

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