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Improve your revenue and enhance your brand with unparalleled support from Synology. Apply today for exclusive benefits that will strengthen your ROI.

Enhanced profitability

Helping dedicated businesses achieve greater turnovers through better purchasing terms, exclusive discounts, improved project pricing, and project protection.

Increased revenue

Supporting partners by finding relevant leads, providing custom marketing materials, sales development programmes, and partner-approved seals as a sign of quality to increase sales.

Tailored service

1-on-1 advice from Synology experts on the most suitable products and services for customers. Get personalised support for project planning, proof-of-concept testing, and NFR demo devices.

Technical support

Benefit from prioritised technical support with minimal response times for fast and efficient troubleshooting, as well as customised training programmes on specific topics to build product knowledge and avoid future problems.

Synology Partner Types and Certifications*

Info Bronze Silver Gold Surveillance Expert
Conditions 1x SIT Architect Certification 2x SIT Architect Certifications OR 1 SIT with £25K/quarter revenue target 3x SIT Architect Certifications OR 1 SIT with £200K/quarter revenue target 1x Surveillance SIT Architect Certification
Service Direct line telephone support - Guaranteed first ticket response 4 Business hours 2 Business hours 1 Business hour 2 Business hours
Book 1:1 Support session X Up to 6 hours/year over remote desktop Up to 12 hours/year over remote desktop Up to 6 hours/year over remote desktop
Account Management X Account Management Access Dedicated account manager Account Management Access
Partner pricing
Partner pricing Deal Registration Exclusive Bronze pricing support Exclusive Silver pricing support Exclusive Gold pricing support Exclusive Silver pricing support + support on Cameras and Licences
Sales Rebate (Excludes accessories and spare parts)

*min £50k annual sales to qualify
X Exclusive Silver rebate Exclusive Gold rebate

Open Distribution Option
Exclusive Silver rebate
NFR 1 system per year 2 systems per year 3 systems per year under £10k 2 systems per year
Business Development
Business Development Leads X SMB + Prosumer Leads Public Sector + Large Enterprises Leads Surveillance leads
Marketing funds X Available Available Available
  1. IT Architect Certification is valid for two years
  2. partner_with_synology_uk.types_table_note2


Ollie Milner
“Using Synology has allowed us to deliver secure, reliable and cost-efficient solutions to our customers with fantastic results. The introduction of the camera range has given us an opportunity to broaden our secure and ethical customer proposition.”

Ollie Milner

Managing Director
DSM Systems

Michael Venn
"With Synology it’s possible to supply cost-effective and scalable storage solutions to our media production clients."

Michael Venn

Account Executive

Vikram Patel
"We have been using Synology NAS for all our NAS requirements since 2016 and have never needed to look elsewhere. We're happy with the products and applications within Synology products. We would recommend Synology products."

Vikram Patel

Senior Consultant
ZTech Support

Synology Intensive Training

Want to get certified by Synology?

SIT offers modular and flexible certified training programmes for system integrators, resellers, IT consultants and businesses.

Get certified now for exclusive benefits with the upcoming Synology Partner Programme.

How to become a Synology Partner


Click on the link below and fill out the online registration form.


Our team will review your application and inform you of the result via email.


If accepted, you will receive service guidelines and instructions on the final steps to become a partner.

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