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Streamlining media production – Synology® showcases innovative strategies at 2023 NAB Show New York

New York City, NY (October 10, 2023)— Synology is highlighting innovations that streamline creative workflows at NAB 2023 in New York City, NY, from October 25 to October 26. Attendees can explore strategies for enhancing remote collaboration, ensuring comprehensive data protection, and addressing various data challenges. Synology will also showcase its latest product offerings, including the all-flash server FS6400 and 12-bay server SA6400.

Modern data management solutions for studios

Streamlined file syncing and sharing

Synology Drive ShareSync enables seamless collaboration by synchronizing project files across multiple Synology NAS devices located in different places. This ensures that remote teams can access critical data in real-time through mobile devices, desktop clients, and web browsers. Synology Drive also allows studios to create secure file sharing links or to create shared folders for clients and sync projects to clients' PCs or servers for frequent project deliveries.

High-availability storage to maximize uptime

Synology High Availability connects two Synology servers into a centrally-managed failover cluster. In the case that a studio's main production server fails, automatic failover to the secondary server ensures that critical, time-sensitive operations can continue with minimal disruption.

Immutable backup and fast recovery

DSM 7.2 supports immutable snapshots for robust protection against both malicious and accidental data deletion. Users can back up snapshots of folders on Synology NAS to another server or the cloud and roll back to previous versions of folders and files in the case of unexpected data loss.

Get a hands-on look at featured products

  • FS6400 is an all-flash server, equipped with dual Intel® Xeon® Silver 8-core processors, and delivering over 240,000 iSCSI 4K random write IOPS. This server is ideal for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive applications such as multimedia post-production.

  • SA6400 is a versatile storage system designed for rapid data scaling, supporting up to 108 drives after expansion. Ideal for large production studios, enterprise data centers, and growing businesses tackling data-intensive projects.

  • DS1823xs+ is a powerful 8-bay storage solution in a desktop form factor. With up to 144 TB of raw storage capacity before expansion, DS1823xs+ is ideal for consolidating scattered data at offices and studios. Capable of performing office-wide endpoint and server backup, sharing and syncing files between devices and locations, and managing local surveillance, it can be flexibly deployed wherever a dedicated server rack or data center is not available.

  • DSM 7.2 introduces enhancements to address IT challenges, including immutable storage and backup, full-volume encryption, performance improvements, stricter access controls, and storage planning capabilities.

  • Other highlights include the RS4021xs+, RS822RP+, UC3400, and the recently-released Synology Cameras BC500 and TC500.

Enter to win

Visit booth #639 in Hall 3B to learn more, meet the Synology team and experience live demos. Enter to win exciting prizes by attending a presentation at the Synology booth, held every hour, on the hour. 

Synology creates network-attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way users manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage networks in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology helps users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, implement professional surveillance solutions, and manage networks in reliable and affordable ways. Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and best-in-class customer services.