Active Backup for Business

Active Backup for Business

Manage backup tasks for physical and virtual environments from a centralized dashboard to keep data and services always available.

Active Backup for Business

Centralized data protection

Discover how Active Backup for Business is helping over 320,000 organizations worldwide secure more than 1,300,000 on-premises workloads.

Centralized data protection

Comprehensive platform support

Achieve effective data protection through wide platform compatibility, and speed up recovery with the restoration method that fits your needs the best.

Comprehensive platform support

Backups made easy

Leverage intuitive tools to simplify data protection throughout the entire infrastructure.

Unified dashboard

Boost productivity by configuring and monitoring backup tasks centrally.

Reporting and notifications

Receive alerts and customized reports on the status of backups.

Quick deployment

Configure settings only once thanks to convenient backup templates.

Backups made easy

Efficient infrastructure

Get the most out of your Synology deployment with flexible options and advanced technologies.

Manage bandwidth intelligently
Maximize storage availability

Security first

Protect backed up data against unauthorized access at every step of the process.

Encrypted backups
Advanced permission control
Admin delegation

Success stories

"After extensive testing, we found that Active Backup for Business has astonishing backup speeds and works wonders on deleting duplicate data — it only took up 28 TB out of the total 58 TB on the server. We are quite satisfied with the overall performance.”

"Thanks to Active Backup for Business, all our backups are now centralized and available 24/7, which helps us minimize downtime and stay compliant with FERPA's regulations."

“Deploying 50 Windows PC backup tasks with Active Backup for Business is effortless and efficient. Even with an entry-level 2-bay model, the global deduplication technology reduced the storage consumption by over 50 percent, and the flexible retention policy optimized our storage utilization.”

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