Premium Automobiles

Synology NVR solution is reliable and cost effective. Surveillance Station, Synology’s video surveillance software, centralizes all live footage with a user-friendly interface. We can now efficiently monitor all activities across the two major buildings. Surveillance Station is simply so feature rich and its performances exceed our expectations. Also, Synology’s local surveillance partner, ACE Peripherals, offers prompt and professional supports and creates more incentives for us to choose Synology! Falcoe Lee, Assistant Project Manager, Premium Automobiles Pte Ltd

The Company

Established in 1999, Premium Automobiles Pte Ltd is the exclusive dealer of Audi Cars in Singapore. The ambitions to fulfil challenging customers' expectations with pioneering vehicle concepts is manifested in Audi's brand essence "Vorsprung durch Technik", which encompass the brand values of sportiness, sophistication and progressiveness.

In recognition of the growing market trend for quality pre-owned vehicles, Premium Automobiles has grown beyond new car sales to cater to the used car market as well. Besides offering quality pre-owned vehicles, we also offer attractive leasing options through premium leasing.

Premium automobiles offer two programs to provide a myriad of options to meet everyone expectation: Audi Approved: plus, and Premium Pre-owned.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting the surveillance solution provided by Synology, the indoor/outdoor monitoring planning for the two service center buildings required long and complicated analog camera routing connections. To be able to conduct efficient and simultaneous monitoring, Premium Automobiles began to look for an easy and integrated video surveillance solution that allows onsite personnel to operate the surveillance system themselves and quickly retrieve and playback footage when evidences are required.  

The Solution

The company decided to adopt Synology's surveillance solution for its capability to be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, intuitive user interface, and comprehensive video surveillance camera support. One unit of Synology RS2414+ and two units of VS360HD were deployed for centralized storage and PC-less monitoring in the control rooms. Connected to a total of 32 HD and Full HD cameras across brands through LAN network, the Synology RS2414+ provides scalable and centralized storage for both indoor & outdoor footage. Surveillance Station, the advanced inbuilt video monitoring system of Synology NAS, allows IT administrator to easily perform camera management, live view analytics, and footage retrieval and playback on either the browser based or PC client based panel. For real-time video surveillance monitoring, VS360HD, a palm sized monitoring and playback device that supports most Surveillance Station features, allows personnel on duty to view the Live View panel directly– without needing a dedicated computer. Onsite personnel can perform PTZ actions, switch to Timeline to watch recorded events, or take snapshots and export them to an external storage device, all by using a USB mouse.

* The 32 IP cameras and the 2 units of VS360HD are connected to RS2414+ through LAN network

Recommended Models

  • RS2414+
  • VS360HD

Recommended Features

  • Storage scalability
  • Friendly, easy-to-use user interface
  • Effortless retrieval and playback of surveillance footage
  • Intelligent Live View Analytics tools
  • Comprehensive IP camera support
  • PC-less monitoring solution with VS360HD
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