Shiseido saves 52% of storage capacity with data deduplication technology of Synology solutions

After tests, we found Active Backup for Business has astonishing backup speeds and works wonders on deleting duplicate data — it only took up 28TB out of the total 58TB on the server. We are quite satisfied with the overall performance.

Zhang Jiao-Hao, Manager of Information System Planning Department at SHISEIDO Taiwan

Sought a cost-effective, user-friendly cross-platform backup solution to protect critical data from ransomware, opting for Active Backup for Business.

Ransomware virus ran rampant in 2017, and some of our employees' PCs were infected. To protect company's critical data, Zhang Jiao-Hao, Manager of Information System Planning Department at SHISEIDO Taiwan, started to look for a cross-platform backup solution. They had adopted several well-known backup software, but it turned out to be costly, ineffective, and user-unfriendly. After knowing that Active Backup for Business can centrally back up data on client PCs, virtual machines, Windows servers to a NAS, and that they can manage all backup tasks on a single console to fulfill cross-platform backup needs without purchasing other backup tools or costly software licenses, SHISEIDO Taiwan joined the beta program for a 3-month trial as of June, 2018.

Effectively delete duplicate data & efficiently save 52% storage space

Be it a small firm or a medium- or large-sized enterprise, client-side backup is no easy task. SHISEIDO Taiwan is no exception. The daily changed data can reach up to 600GB, especially when there are over 500 employees in the headquarters. Without proper backup tools in place, saving daily data alone can be a challenging task. Global deduplication technology in Synology Active Backup for Business supports deduplication across devices, platforms, and versions, reducing storage space required for backup tasks. In addition, it also supports Changed Block Tracking (CBT), which performs incremental backup for changed blocks only, cutting down on backup data and time.

"After tests from our IT team, we found Active Backup for Business has incredible backup speeds and works wonders on deleting duplicate data — it only took up 28TB out of the total 58TB on the server. On the desktop client, after backup tests with 25 PCs and laptops, data was reduced from 6.5TB to 2.1TB. The overall results were satisfactory. Therefore, SHISEIDO Taiwan plans to purchase high-performance Synology storage devices in 2019 and use Synology Active Backup for Business to form a desktop client backup mechanism for 500 employees in the headquarters. When a system crash occurs, employees can perform bare-metal backup using a bootable USB recovery drive or file-level restoration via the intuitive user interface, which efficiently shortens the maintenance time and puts IT resources to good use. After the headquarters adopts Synology’s backup solution, all the office PCs and POS terminals in brand counters across Taiwan will gradually embrace it as well," said Zhang.

VM backup and restore with high speeds. Restore VM backup data in 15 mins

As the company grew, SHISEIDO Taiwan used VMware vSphere to create virtual hosts several years ago, cutting maintenance overheads on IT infrastructure while ensuring stability of its branches, production lines, and order delivery. As business continues to expand, there are 55 virtual hosts in place now. Confined by the ineffectiveness of the original backup tools, it usually took 6-8 hours to complete a backup task among virtual hosts containing databases. After using Synology Active Backup for Business, backup time greatly shortened, and it only took 15 mins to recover virtual machine backup data.
Zhang said that the built-in global deduplication technology is the key, for it speeds up backup time and saves storage capacity. The overall performance was satisfying. Additionally, based on different scenarios, Synology Active Backup for Business supports granular file restoration via the recovery portal, instant and full VM restoration, instant restoration to Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), and instant restoration from physical server to VMware (P2V), fulfilling the need for every occasion. The biggest advantage of integrating Synology VMM is that enterprises can restore backup data on virtual hosts to Synology storage devices. Supporting various operating systems such as Windows and Linux, Synology VMM provides enterprises with a temporary disaster recovery solution and an upgrade testing environment.

Reduced time and space required for backup by 50%

Synology Active Backup for Business enables cross-platform backup, deletion of duplicate data, and integration of VMM, effectively helping SHISEIDO Taiwan back up data stored in physical and virtual environments. Changed Block Tracking and global deduplication considerably reduce the time and space required for a backup task by over 50%. A wide array of disaster recovery solutions including integration with VMM greatly help SHISEIDO Taiwan protect its various enterprise workloads.


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Established over 60 years ago, SHISEIDO Taiwan is the first overseas office of Shiseido. To meet the operational needs, SHISEIDO Taiwan has been using Synology NAS to back up a large number of daily transaction records on the database. Considering stability, speed, and other add-ons all meet the company's internal application needs, SHISEIDO Taiwan has been using Synology storage devices as internal file servers and iSCSI storage servers since 2010.

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