Unilever Enhances Global Surveillance and Security with Synology Solutions

Through the use of Synology’s products, we have found an excellent solution which eliminates the problems that prevailed with the previous system.

Andrey Dulin, Safety Consultant, Unilever

Traditional DVR system posed challenges to meet their requirements

As a strategic measure, the company decided in 2015 to open a new tea factory. Due to earlier negative experiences with the use of DVR video surveillance systems based on "Windows", Unilever carried out a market analysis and compared internal requirements with the current market offer. For the company, the focus was on access from anywhere and around the clock. Additionally, the configuration of the recording and storage as well as data backup were just as important as a good price-performance ratio.

Scalable storage with wide device compatibility

After extensive comparisons, the company decided on the advice of its trusted and long-standing supplier, "Office Construction", on the products of Synology in order to ensure compliance with the strict safety standards.

Unilever purchased two RS815 + systems with two expansion modules RX415, as well as cameras from Axis (P1405-E, P1425-LE, P3215-V, Q6035-E), on which 17 channels are reproduced simultaneously. It is likely that the number of cameras will continue to increase during the course of the project.

A comprehesive solution that enables centralised management with flexible calability

Unilever received from Synology a solution with an excellent price/performance ratio, which proved to be highly reliable. The planned patrol function, as well as event detection or digital I/O, became one of the most important features.

The Surveillance Station also enables an analysis of the video and DSM enables to back up the recordings on an external drive or server.

The function to edit created photos and the time line and to play the recordings of several cameras at the same time was indispensable for us. Unilever also plans to use the CMS function in the future to manage multiple reception servers from a single host server.

"Through the use of Synology's products, We have found an excellent solution which eliminates the problems that prevailed with the previous system. The differences in picture quality, the response times to events improvement, and the remote viewing ease of use all can be noticed instantly. In addition, we now have the opportunity to increase the storage period of our recordings, and this without any major investments." said Andrey Dulin, Safety Consultant at Unilever.

The Customer

Unilever, a company acting across the globe, plays a major role in the global market and has great potential for further growth.

Unilever's brand portfolio consists of world-wide known brands of food products such as "Knorr" or "Lipton", popular brands of personal care and household chemicals, hair care products and cosmetic, hundreds of beauty recipes such as "Rexona" and "Axe", oral care products, as well as cleaning and disinfecting agents.

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