Intelligent Analytics

Strengthen on-premises security with deep learning-powered algorithms and detection profiles designed for Synology DVA series NVRs.1

Track and identify

Smarter monitoring for important perimeters, entry points, and passages.

Trigger immediate or threshold-based alerts using idle times within defined zones for vehicles or people.

Identify license plates and set up accompanying triggers based on existing allow or blocklists.2

License plate recognition

Set up bidirectional or one-way virtual borders to issue alerts for people or vehicles trespassing.

Monitor on-site occupancy

Keep the number of visitors under control to avoid crowds and regulate movement.

Congestion alerts
Visitor trends

Personnel detection

Fast identification and authentication of individuals enable smoother day-to-day operations.

Face recognition

Manage on-prem access easily with detection support for up to 10,000 personnel profiles with >97% accuracy.3

Identify and review

Quickly find unauthorized personnel and enable security teams to cross-check recordings and already approved individuals.

Identify and review

Face covering detection

Identify whether your visitors are in compliance with local rules or policies and alert personnel on site to take appropriate actions.



  1. Features described here are available on Synology DVA series NVRs only.

  2. License plate recognition is only available in select countries. Please check here for a list of countries supporting it.

  3. Testing was performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in their Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) under its WILD category (using faces extracted from real-world footage).