Synology DriveYour unified solution for effortless file management and secure collaboration. Specifications Synology Drive Secure file management and collaboration Any time, any platformAccess files 24/7 from desktop and mobile platforms.Synchronization and backupKeep your files always up-to-date and protected.Smooth collaborationEdit spreadsheets, documents, and slides together with Synology Office.Powerful data managementTrack how files are accessed and shared with powerful admin tools.
Access and share files wherever you are Quickly find and safely share your personal and shared files and folders no matter what device you use. Cross-platform convenience Access, edit, and share files from any browser through the convenient online portal, or install handy clients for Windows and macOS to manage your data using familiar interfaces. Smooth on-the-go experience Browse and edit documents, view and share images, stream music and videos, and back up your data directly from your smartphone or tablet with the Synology Drive mobile app. Learn more
Work seamlessly across devices Work across computers in continuity using the desktop app. It's still your native Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu interface, but any changes you make to a file are automatically synced to other devices as soon as they're connected. Download white paper Sync on demand Stream files to your device only when they are requested1 to save local disk space and bandwidth, or pin them to your computer to permanently keep a local copy. Go back in time Restore previous file or folder versions directly on your device. Synology’s Intelliversioning algorithm saves space by keeping only the versions with the most significant changes over time. Back up your files Protect your data from ransomware attacks or accidental deletion with real-time or scheduled backup of important folders. Collaborate in real time Say goodbye to single-user file editing. Work on spreadsheets, documents, and slides together with your team members with full Synology Office integration. Inside and out Share documents within and outside your organization by converting them between Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument ODF and ODS formats, and Synology Office versions. Quick previewing Preview over 100 different file types, including PDF, ZIP, and PSD, directly in your browser. No need to download or open files in new tabs. Simplified file management Synology Drive makes it easy to manage files and folders in your personal space, shared team folders, and items shared with you. Easily view files shared in an intuitive interface. The Synology Drive Ecosystem Manage files efficiently through a unified administration portal with support for multiple client platforms.

Synology Drive

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Synology Drive

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Synology Drive Client

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Synology Drive

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Synology Drive ShareSync

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Multi-site collaboration Keeping data synced between different offices has never been easier or more flexible. Direct synchronization Synology Drive also includes ShareSync, which keeps files and folders synchronized across other connected Synology systems. Higher-performance with hybrid-cloud For teams operating out of more sites and with more data, C2 Storage for Hybrid Share can accelerate cross-site data sharing with flexible on-demand storage and significantly improve bandwidth efficiency with no workflow changes needed. Learn more
See why Drive stands out See feature highlights and comparison with Windows file server and public cloud services. Download solution brief
Simplify system administration Empower administrators with powerful and intuitive tools to streamline workflows and minimize overhead.
Mass deployment Deploy smartly Leverage Windows AD to install Synology Drive Client on a fleet of devices, with settings configured at once and automatically propagated. Group policies Define synchronization and backup policies before deployment, delivering users a ready-to-use system to protect and manage their data.Learn more
Monitoring and management tools Centralized admin console Monitor server and client status and activity from a centralized dashboard with Synology Drive Admin Console. Keep an eye on file accesses and downloads, and view consumption trends to allocate storage more efficiently. Powerful auditing Monitor up to 40 types of actions, including file and folder changes, permissions sharing, and service activity. Pinpoint suspicious activities by filtering by IP address, event type, user, and more. File ownership transfer and remote wipe Transfer personal files from one user to another, preserving data and simplifying handovers when creating or removing accounts. Enable remote wiping of synchronized files on lost devices to protect against data leaks.

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Get Started We're here to assist you with any questions or information you may require. Live consultation Ask our experts for demos, product recommendations, and deployment advice. Get started Download Drive client Install Synology Drive on your notebook, desktop, or mobile device for quick access to your files. Download client Find a suitable NAS Use NAS Selector to find your ideal NAS and purchase it from a Synology partner. Notes:The On-demand Sync feature is available for Windows 10 1809 or above and macOS 12.3 or above.


Version: 3.5.0-16084

Release date: 2024-04-09

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Looking to set up Synology Drive on your Synology NAS/SAN? Get it from the DSM Package Center or download the offline installer for your device model. Download Center