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Synology® unveils DiskStation® DS224+ and DS124, compact storage devices for improved productivity

Bellevue, WA (August 9, 2023)— Synology today announced the DiskStation DS224+ and DS124, the two newest additions to Synology's range of data solutions for professionals, small teams, and edge deployments.

Powered by the versatile Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, these storage devices offer comprehensive tools to protect and manage important data, access files remotely, and monitor physical properties, all within a compact desktop format.

Streamlined file management with anywhere access

The DS224+ and DS124 deliver intuitive file management and sharing with Synology Drive, a private cloud solution combining cross-platform access with advanced privacy controls. Professionals in all fields can be more productive with the convenience of working from anywhere and the simplicity of centralized data.

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Versatile backups for better business continuity

Synology's new devices offer a multitude of ways to back up data. Users can leverage them to continuously or manually back up workstations, laptops, and mobile devices, or by following a user-created backup schedule on Windows and macOS systems.

For an increased level of protection, users can create backups of the folders, system settings, and software packages stored on their Synology device, storing them in the cloud, on secondary Synology systems, and on external devices. Additionally users can create point-in-time snapshots of their device's data for rapid restoration, which in turn can be stored locally or remotely.

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Private video surveillance management

With support for more than 8,300 validated IP cameras and ONVIF devices, Synology Surveillance Station video management system (VMS) transforms the DS224+ and DS124 into a powerful surveillance management and recording platform. Users can quickly set up and manage cameras through a highly configurable interface, making it easy to encrypt, back up, and archive recordings.

Adding optional dual recording to Synology C2 Surveillance enables storing footage in the cloud for improved remote access and as an added backup. End-to-end encryption protects streams from unauthorized access and low-latency recording ensures footage is recorded up to the last seconds before a camera stream becomes unavailable.

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DS224+: Edge deployments for teams

The DS224+ is designed to be a versatile edge deployment solution for small to moderate-sized teams, offering one drive of data redundancy in a RAID configuration or two drive bays for storage. From system-to-system syncing solutions to hybrid storage and public cloud services, the DS224+ enables multi-site data synchronization using a variety of methods that support diverse, global deployments.

"The DS224+ is ideal for teams and branch offices looking to sync up with their central office," said Michael Wang, product manager at Synology Inc. "The range of synchronization features it supports right out of the box makes it ready to slot into just about any existing deployment."

DS124: Streamlined workflows for professionals

The DS124 is purpose-built to help small business owners and professionals boost their productivity by consolidating their data. Whether at the office or on the go, mobile apps for Synology Photos and Synology Drive enable hassle-free backups and file synchronization. On-demand sync gives users the ability to offload much of their locally-stored data to the DS124, minimizing the need for costly storage upgrades on laptops and workstations.

Julien Chen, Product Manager at Synology Inc, said: "The DS124's small desktop form factor and low power consumption make it especially well-suited for entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelance creative professionals, who can get more done with less overhead after streamlining their workflows with the DS124."

DS224+ DS124
Drive bays 2 1
CPU Quad-core Intel® x64 Quad-core ARMv8
Memory (max. memory) 2 GB (6 GB) 1 GB
Power consumption (access) 15 W 11 W
Power consumption (drive hibernation) 4.5 W 3.5 W
Btrfs support Yes Yes
Synology Drive Yes Yes
  • PC and server (bare-metal recovery, file and folder)
  • VMware and Hyper-V VMs
  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Mobile devices (photos, videos, music)
  • Synology NAS (bare-metal recovery, folders and configuration)
  • PC (file and folder)
  • Mobile devices (photos, videos, music)
  • Synology NAS (folders and configuration)
Synology High Availability support Yes No
Synology Surveillance Station Yes Yes
Max. no. of IP cameras 25 12
Warranty 2 years
(extendable to 4 in select regions)
2 years
(extendable to 4 in select regions)


The MSRP for the DS224+ is $299.99 and the DS124 retails for $179.99. Both are available today from Synology partners and resellers. 

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