Snapshot Replication Achieve near-instantaneous data protection and ensure business continuity with state-of-the-art snapshot technology that can be fit into many backup strategies. Snapshot Replication Block-level data protection Snapshot Replication leverages the modern Btrfs file system to create point-in-time copies of shared folders and LUNs that can be replicated to other Synology NAS and rapidly restored in case of data loss or accidental modifications to the original data. Highly-configurable scheduling Automate recurring snapshots and replication tasks1 for shared folders and LUNs with minute-level precision. Fast recovery Quickly restore replicated data and snapshots to local or failover systems. Storage efficiency Snapshots require minimal storage compared to standard backups and can be completed in seconds.
Flexible replication topologiesDefend against disaster by mirroring hot data off-site using a replication strategy that meets your business needs. Encrypt snapshots before replication and leverage flexible Grandfather-Father-Son retention policies to optimize storage use on both devices. Active/active Extended replication Hub-to-spoke One-to-many
Management made easy Self-service recovery Users with access privileges can recover file or folder-level snapshots with File Station or Windows File Explorer without assistance from administrators. Effective storage utilization Efficiently manage storage capacity and plan backup strategies with space consumption reports that analyze shared folder snapshots. Track changes View a log of any snapshots taken or deleted, replication updates, and recovery attempts to identify suspicious or accidental activity.
Disaster recovery for virtualizationEnsure data consistency and reduce RTO for virtual machines running on VMware® vSphereTM and Microsoft® Hyper-V® by taking application-aware snapshots with the Synology Snapshot Manager plugin available in Download Center. Replications can be managed in vCenter Site Recovery Manager by integrating the platform with Synology Storage Replication Adapter and can be directly recovered via VMware vCenter Server for a simplified recovery process.
Physical snapshot transferReduce replication transfer time and traffic over a network by exporting the initial replication data to an external storage device and importing the copy to the destination server.
Smart administration tools Verify failover effectiveness Perform test failovers for replication tasks to ensure that the recovery process works as expected in the event of a disaster. Optimize network usage Once a replication task has been completed over WAN, you can view a report to evaluate its success and further optimize the network environment.
Notes: Snapshot and replication tasks have a temporary impact on system performance in certain scenarios. Learn more