Synology Cloud Services

Synology Cloud Services

With a wide range of cloud services, Synology allows DSM users to connect to their Synology NAS in the most intuitive, painless, and flexible way possible and protects their important data in a dedicated data center.



Based on Synology's reliable global infrastructure and hole punching technology, QuickConnect allows you to access your Synology NAS anytime, anywhere, from any device and browser, without having to set up port forwarding and firewalls. See the white paper for more technical details regarding QuickConnect

Synology DDNS

With DDNS, you can access your NAS using the domain name you set, which is easier to remember compared with the IP address. Synology DDNS provides the following features that allow you to set up DDNS on your own:

  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Let's Encrypt®, which supports SSL certificates

Synology Cloud²

Dedicated to Synology's customers, Synology Cloud² is a powerful public cloud storage service offering comprehensive plans for data availability on the cloud to maximize business continuity.

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