PT Amerta Indah Otsuka Backs Up All Data Platforms with Synology's Backup Solutions

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Synology Active Backup for Business is beyond our expectations. Its high performance and powerful deduplication technology helped us back up a total of 14 virtual machines, a physical server, and multiple industrial PCs while saving more than 85% storage usage.

Mochamad Agung Tarecha, IT Infrastructure Officer

Need an ideal backup solution as well as a remote working solution

For Amerta Indah Otsuka, having a consistent and reliable backup process is critical. The company previously backed up 14 virtual machines using legacy backup software. After updating the VMs, they discovered the backup software was incompatible. They had no choice but to suspend their backups altogether, leaving their systems vulnerable.

However, this wasn't the only problem they faced.

They also had a physical Windows-based server and multiple industrial PCs that operated in their factories. The server, industrial PCs, and the VMs all used different backup software. Without a centralized management system, managing all the backups took a considerable amount of time and was also costly on licensing fees.

In addition to backup woes, the pandemic forced them to rethink their approach to remote work, which also led to another string of challenges.

As a result of the social distancing requirements, the company had a policy that required employees to alternate between working in the office and at home. While employees in the office were accessing their files through the company's SMB network, those at home were storing files on their personal laptops and modifying them locally. The lack of a file synchronization solution between both environments resulted in people working with mismatched file versions, which caused frustration and a noticeable drop in productivity.

Amerta Indah Otsuka needed a centralized solution that could back up their server, VMs, endpoints, and a file sharing solution which could synchronize files between offsite and onsite employees.

Reliable backup solution, saving up to 85% storage space

Amerta Indah Otsuka chose Synology Active Backup for Business (ABB) to tackle their backup requirements, and Synology Drive for file synchronization and sharing. They deployed an RS2416RP+ to handle file storage needs and an SA3600 to centralize all backups.

ABB made their backup process a breeze. With its centralized interface to manage all backup tasks, they were able to protect their VMs, physical server, and PCs with one solution. Its built-in deduplication technology also reduced their backup footprint from 22.55 TB to 2.9 TB, an 85% reduction, allowing them to save more money in the long run by using their storage more efficiently. Restoring VMs with ABB was also twice as fast compared to their previous solution.

With the new backup solution deployed, Amerta Indah Otsuka also decided to virtualize certain services. Using ABB's backup of their physical server, they easily migrated it onto the built-in VM hypervisor, Synology Virtual Machine Manager.

Stay productive while working remotely (WFH)

For file sharing, Synology Drive completely transformed their onsite/offsite workflow. Its file synchronization technology eliminated mismatched file versions and restored productivity by ensuring employees have access to the latest file versions no matter where they are.

"A reliable backup solution is one thing, but having a complete all-in-one solution is what makes Synology stand out from other solutions. Synology has helped us, the IT team, to work smartly and efficiently with its robust performance and dependability," said IT Infrastructure Officer, Mochamad Agung Tarecha.

Synology data management solutions offer much more than just storage space. Active Backup for Business and Synology Drive are license-free solutions, with the former designed to reliably protect IT infrastructure and the latter to bridge the gap between remote and office environments. Amerta Indah Otsuka can now protect all systems, using only a fraction of the space, while maintaining maximum productivity among their workforce. A flexible and dependable all-in-one solution that solves storage, data protection, and productivity requirements was exactly what they needed. 

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Founded in 1997, PT Amerta Indah Otsuka is an affiliate of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan. The company has two factories, located in Sukabumi, West Java and in Pasuruan, East Java, totaling over than 1,500 employees. Their main products are POCARI SWEAT, SOYJOY, ION WATER, and ORONAMIN C.
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