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Synology® Announces Synology Router RT1900ac

Your network, smart and swift

Taipei, Taiwan—October 1st, 2015—Synology® Inc. today announced the Synology Router RT1900ac, a high-speed wireless router featuring robust connectivity for homes and offices, advanced networking tools, rich add-on software packages, as well as a user-friendly software experience.

Synology Router RT1900ac is powered by Synology Router Manager (SRM) operating system, which boasts professional-level networking tools at a consumer-friendly price point. Application Layer QoS (Quality of Service) makes it possible to monitor and control bandwidth consumption according to not only devices, but also individual applications. Equipped with a vast database of inappropriate websites, the DNS based Web-filter and Parental Control let business owners or parents block thousands of sites and create network access schedules for connected devices with a few simple clicks.

With a rich selection of add-on software packages available on Synology's Package Center, users can download packages and transform Synology Router RT1900ac into a VPN server, RADIUS authentication server, DNS server, 24/7 download hub, and Media Server for their homes or offices.

The desktop-like interface provides a fluid and intuitive way for users to manage network and wireless settings. Plus, the beautifully designed DS router app for Android and iOS devices makes it possible to monitor and change settings on Synology Router RT1900ac from anywhere.

"Router is a critical element for any modern network, and yet it remains often complicated to use. By leveraging our expertise in network-attached storage and maximizing user experience, Synology aims at providing a pleasant, efficient and advanced solution to enthusiastic and professional users," said Derren Lu, CEO of Synology Inc.

In addition to the standard four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, Synology Router RT1900ac is equipped with three adjustable long-range antennas and the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, allowing for combined transfer speeds up to 1900 Mbps. Synology Router RT1900ac also comes with a dual-core 1.0 GHz processor for smooth performance, even when multiple clients are connected. USB 3.0 port and SD (SDXC) slot can be used to attach external storage devices, allowing users to connect and share digital content with others, transforming Synology Router RT1900ac into a NAS. Support for 3G/4G USB modems lets users in regions with less available wired network infrastructure create a fully-featured wireless hotspot.


Synology Router RT1900ac is available now in select countries and coming soon to more.  

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Synology creates network-attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way users manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage networks in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, implement professional surveillance solutions, and manage networks in reliable and affordable ways. Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services.

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