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Sudden Impact

Using this technology may be alien to some people as people believe that the bigger the box the better the service. The team at Synology has been successful in squeezing a great package together into small packaging Sudden Impact

The Company

Sudden Impact Computer Services Ltd. is a million-pound-turnover company specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of computer printers. Sudden Impact was founded over 10 years ago and now work for some of the world's largest printer and plotter manufacturers, as well as IT outsourcing providers, including HP and Phoenix IT Services.

The Challenge

Sudden Impact has been running a number of legacy servers and software solutions for around eight years and the strain is showing - the servers required more software licenses, more processing power, and more storage space. "We just need a working IT solution that gives us fast access to our emails and files, as a sales team my staffs need to be able to access things quickly to keep the flow constant when talking with a customer," says Shay Newman, Sales Director of Sudden Impact. "Saying ‘give me a minute, my computer is slow' does not give the right impression to the customers.

However, the challenge for Sudden Impact isn't just about replacing their old servers. Finding a solution that is of good quality is very important, too. "We don't mind using new companies or products if they are reliable and have great support if we need it. As we are still in a recession, we are still conscious of what we are spending and choose our providers wisely," adds Alan Hodgson, Chief Executive Office of Sudden Impact.

The Solution

The hardware Sudden Impact had previously comprised of four servers, each with a variety of processors and memory. The main stumbling blocks were the costs to update the machines and the software license, which was significant. In addition, there was also the need for greater storage. Sudden Impact quickly found themselves in need of a solution that can provide good performance and economical at the same time. This is where Synology DiskStation comes in.

The company replaced the existing email server with a Synology DiskStation DS212. They now have 4TB of email storage and a small compact dedicated server to run this operation. Sudden Impact has been able to use the existing Microsoft Office Outlook application so their end users don't notice any difference.

The two legacy file servers have been replaced with two DS412+ each with four hard drives configured with Synology Hybrid RAID. This gives Sudden Impact the peace of mind they need knowing their data is safe. The in-built Internet backup utility that is available in DSM, the operating system, was also a main feature used by Sudden Impact. 

Ben Pintille of eCom Solutions, who introduced Synology to Sudden Impact, further explains that companies of all sizes can save significant amount of money by using Synology Products. "As the capital cost of the equipment was lower, there is also a reducing cost thanks to the electricity requirements being lower. There is less heat generated, so we don't need the air conditioning on as low as we have had previously," says Ben.

Cost effective & reliable storage server

Synology DiskStation is great and safe for storing data. Sudden Impact is able to centrally keep and manage all the data, which include records of sales orders, product manuals, printer software, as well as other word documents and spreadsheets. With Synology Hybrid RAID it comes with data redundancy protection, so losing a hard drive will not sabotage their service. Without having to update the hardware and software licenses, Sudden Impact can now store everything in a couple of DiskStations with easy management and less time-consuming maintenance.

Versatile applications

Besides acting as a file server, DiskStation can also serve as a dedicated email server. The setup is easy and the support for third party email application is complete, as Sudden Impact's end users weren't aware of the back-end change and were able to continue their work without much down time. DiskStation also has a variety of backup options, allowing Sudden Impact to back up important company files via the Network Backup to another device.

Less power consumption & heat

The ability to save up to a large amount of power and generate a lot less heat and noise than other traditional servers is perhaps one of the most appreciated merits of Synology DiskStation. As Sudden Impact's biggest stumbling block is the cost to run servers, DiskStation can provide the best value with a host of business applications, yet still maintains a considerably low level of energy consumption, which is significant for any organizations that are looking to cut down the spending.

Recommended Models

  • DS412+
  • DS212

Recommended Features

  • Synology Hybrid RAID
  • Email Server
  • Network Backup
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