Novum Group

The Surveillance Station is a convenient solution that greatly simplifies and reduces administrative burdens for the IP video surveillance. Martin Stegner, IT Manager

The Company

The Novum Group of Hotels has its businesses spread across the center of Germany's major cities. These favorably-priced hotels mainly locate at the downtown areas of Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Dresden, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Leipzig, and Frankfurt. The Novum Group offers an ideal starting point if you are looking for hotels for vacation packages, trade fair over-nights, or group traveling. The metropolitan locations of the hotels and the proximity to the train station have made it easy to reach most of the tourist attractions so travelers can get most out of their journeys.

The Challenge

The Novum Group requires a video surveillance solution that provides an easy and integrated way to set up and run video management software along with IP cameras. As the company's IT staff resources are very limited, it could be tedious if the interface is complicated to set up with and the monitoring software is not built-in. In addition, it is necessary that the stored recording files can be analyzed at later times and externally processed when evidences are required.

The Solution

All hotels are equipped with Synology DiskStation or RackStation, along with IP cameras from Axis Communications Manufacturer. These include the Synology DS112 +, DS112j, DS212, RS812, VisualStation VS80 to go with Axis models such as AXIS M3204, AXIS M1011, and AXIS P3344. With the monitoring software, Surveillance Station from Synology, the most important areas of the hotels can stay on guard and recorded 24/7. The intuitive web interface of Surveillance Station provides easy access and management tools for the recordings, and an efficient way to filter specific recordings and capture snapshots to perform analysis or load the images for further processing for better viewing quality.

The Benefits

After the assistance from the Synology Wizard for initial setup, recordings that are saved on Synology DiskStation or RackStation, can thus be centrally accessible and retrievable. Through the web interface, the monitoring system can be easily configured and maintained. With Surveillance Station, the staff that's in charge of monitoring can have instant and easy access to the recordings. Notifications can be sent out automatically to keep administrators stay alert. For example, if power shortage happens unnoticed, the administrators would be notified instantly by email to ensure minimum downtime. In additions, storage capacity of Synology NAS servers can be well-managed. DiskStation and RackStation can serve as the central storage with sufficient space that helps to create ideal maintenance plan to archive the recording footages.

Recommended Models

  • RS812+
  • DS212
  • DS112+
  • DS112j
  • VS80

Recommended Features

  • Surveillance Station
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