Midori Clark Hotel and Casino

Before we were introduced to Synology, we had a NVR from another brand for a year and a half. The previous NVR lowered our productivity due to its unstable connection, frequent rebooting, and complicated video retrieval method which could easily take up to 30 minutes. Therefore, we decided to replace it with the Synology RS815RP+. Synology NVR is not only reliable, but also more efficient in terms of video retrieval compared with the old NVR system. Additionally, its Smart Search feature in Surveillance Station really allows us to quickly locate certain surveillance footage with custom criteria. Our security department also speaks highly of Surveillance Station for its intuitive interface which remarkably increases their productivity. I sincerely recommend Synology to anyone who’s looking for a reliable and cost-effective surveillance solution. Synology is no doubt your best choice. Vincent Lin, IT Manager at Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, Philippine.

The Company

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino is a perfect destination for business travelers and discerning tourists, located at the heart of Pampanga, Philippines. Built as the first four-star luxury hotel in Central Luzon, Midori Clark boasts its minimalist yet sophisticated design, provides visitors with high quality accommodations and luxurious services, making it the perfect choice for travelers in Philippine.

Recommended Models

  • RS815RP+

Recommended Features

  • High efficiency
  • Smart Search which locates footage quickly and easily
  • System reliability and cost-effectiveness
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