Surveillance Station 8.0

Streamline your surveillance experience

Introducing significantly improved performance and efficiency with the new desktop client, optimized user experience with smart multi-stream switching technology, and flexible N+M failover support dedicated for surveillance systems to maximize service uptime and minimize hardware investment.

Surveillance Station Client

Improved efficiency, performance, and viewing experience when streaming multiple video feeds on Windows or Mac. The portable version allows security personnel to monitor multiple locations, and manage deployment without installation. Click here to see the performance specifications.

DPI Scaling

Size, font, and icons on the browser-based interface will be adjusted automatically according to individual display settings. Set custom aspect ratio on the desktop client, and enhance monitoring and management on high resolution displays.  

Smart multi-stream switching technology

Bring surveillance efficiency to the next level with multiple live view switching and smart recording.

Refined monitoring experience

The resolution for camera live feeds on the Live Panel can be automatically adjusted based on the size of the monitoring window or when an event is triggered, saving network consumption and computing power when watching multiple live views. Viewing resolution can also be adjusted manually.

  • When watching multiple channels on small windows, live feeds will be adjusted to lower resolution.

  • When watching a specific event in a big window, the live feed will be adjusted to the highest resolution.   

Multiple channels
One channel

Maximizing storage utilization

Use storage space effectively by enabling Advanced Continuous Recording. Pre-defined events will be recorded in the highest resolution for future analysis. Regular recordings will be saved in lower resolution.

Advanced action rule

Advanced Action Rule allows users to create multiple conditions. Upon occurrence of pre-defined combination of events, multiple actions will be triggered accordingly. Your devices will then be able to interact with other devices automatically.

Reliable and cost-efficient N+M failover

Failover support designed for surveillance systems allows for the flexibility to set up one or more spare servers according to individual needs: one failover server can be paired with multiple recording servers, and vice versa. In case of server malfunction, the CMS host will redirect all camera streams and services from the faulty unit to a failover server.

  • Flexible installation: One recording server can pair with one or more failover servers; likewise, one failover server can pair with more than one recording server.

  • Each recording server has to be paired with a passive server via Synology high-availability to achieve server redundancy.

New Failover Solution
Current Backup Method

Failover settings based on your needs

The CMS allows users to customize failover settings that best suit their needs.

  • Users can define the conditions that will trigger failover automatically.
  • Manual failover can be performed at any time, without readjusting the automatic failover setting.
  • The failover server can either take over the entire recording server’s live view, recording tasks, and all the other services, or only take over live view services.

Recordings failback or replacing servers

Once the malfunction server recovers, the failover server will perform the failback process, moving the recordings, snapshots, and data during the time when initial server is under maintenance, so that all recordings will be centralized at the same place. If the initial server cannot be recovered, failover server can be set up to replace the initial server on the CMS structure.

The Next generation codec

Both the desktop client and web browser supports H.265, saving one third of network bandwidth when watching live views and taking recordings compared to H.264. Optimized H.264+ designed by Hikvision®, Smart Stream by ZAVIO® and VIVOTEK®, and Zipstream by AXIS are also supported in Surveillance Station 8.0.

ACAP plug-ins support

Built-in camera IVA tools help enlarge the IVA support function, and offload calculation tasks from computer to cameras’ own computing power, so more IVAs can be performed simultaneously. Support for ACAP plugins1 offers more advanced video analysis features such as Video Motion Detection2, Digital Autotracking, Cross-line detection, and Perimeter Defender.


Compact, energy-efficient, and incredibly flexible, VS360HD allows effortless monitoring without needing a computer. Transform VS360HD into a more powerful decoding system by simply upgrading its firmware to enjoy multitasking user interface and comprehensive user privilege management tools. Refined pairing mechanism allows for easy access to Surveillance Station anywhere by just entering its IP address. Learn more.

More features

  • Pop-up Video Notification: events that match pre-defined criteria will be automatically displayed on the Live View panel in the form of a pop-up video notification.
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) detection support: Detected events are recorded and highlighted on the interface See all the PIR-enabled cameras here.
  • Download video clip: Choose to download specific parts of the recording, maximizing storage utilization.


  1. AXIS® Camera Application Platform (ACAP) is an open platform for users to install supplementary applications on Axis® network cameras.
  2. Some of the features on Surveillance Station are not yet available on the VS360HD. Learn more.