Input/Output module support

More possibilities, better integration, and lower cost

The Internet of Things has been one of the hottest topics in recent years. By integrating Input/Output (I/O) module support into Surveillance Station, it can become a central hub that allows many devices such as LED lights, electromagnetic locks, smoke or infrared detectors to seamlessly work together.

More connected devices with lower cost

Support for I/O module allows Surveillance Station to integrate with a wide range of devices with specialized features such as LED lights, electromagnetic locks, smoke and infrared detectors. This lets you implement more detection methods according to your needs, without having to invest in a large number of expensive cameras with these specialized features. Read the full compatibility list here

Centralized event management

Event logs triggered by I/O module will be recorded and centralized on Surveillance Station, allowing security personnel to easily search for and analyze all detected events. Moreover, user can place different I/O modules on the E-map allowing any triggered event to be presented on the Live View page for quick easy access.

Fully integrated with Action Rules

Users can link devices that are connected on the I/O module with Action Rules, allowing different devices to interact with each other, making enterprise automation even more flexible and affordable.

Scenario 1Server door lock opened

With the support for I/O module, Surveillance Station can be integrated with many micro switches that are installed on the control room server doors. You can trigger the camera to start recording and being notified both on the Live View page and your mobile device when someone opens up the server doors.

Scenario 2Smoke detected

By connecting to a smoke detector and setting up an action rule, you can trigger a LED light and highlight the event location within the Surveillance Station’s E-map when smoke is detected, so security personnel can notice the location of the event straightaway.