Central Management System

Synology Central Management System (CMS) is designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments. The hierarchy consists of a host server with total control over all recording servers across different locations. Synology CMS offers efficient management, flexible deployment, continuous recording, and proactive control.

Manage Cameras in High Efficiency

Deploying hundreds of IP cameras used to be a formidable task. With CMS, cameras of the same model can be installed and configured in one step. Optimize camera performance according to the actual environments through the advanced settings, or by utilizing the open Web API.

There is also no need to add cameras one by one onto your video wall. Organize cameras into groups to watch together in Live View and Timeline, or manage them in CMS Setup.

QuickConnect and HTTPS support

QuickConnect is the ideal tool to quickly access remote servers without worrying about network configuration and dynamic IP addresses. It allows you to bind your recording servers to the host server without any network knowledge. Simply enter your QuickConnect ID to establish a hassle free connection. HTTPs support ensures transmissions over the Internet remain private and secure.

Live View & Recording on CMS

Enjoy up to 100 channels of live view in HD on each monitoring screen. The Synology NAS server act as a dedicated NVR to host IP cameras deployed across different geological locations. The CMS host centralizes live feeds and recording footages to allow management via a single web portal.

  • Up to 100 channels in 720p on single live view display: setup video wall in HD quality. Available on Internet Explorer and Firefox for Windows, Safari for Mac and Surveillance Station client.
  • See more live streams on one browser: Surveillance Station is now compatible with multiple live view windows in one single browser. Users now can enjoy different layouts and live feeds in various screens.
  • Playback recordings from various recording servers: Search for specific recordings according to camera models, recording modes, dates or video formats to greatly reduce required time and resources.
  • Continuous recording on recording server: Synology's device licenses are managed by recording servers independently, providing continuous recording even when the connection between a CMS host and recording servers are lost.

Privileges, E-Maps & Notifications

Synology CMS makes managing a large-scale surveillance deployment much easier by covering all grounds, such as user privileges, e-maps and system notifications.

  • User privilege : authorize camera access rights by account. Windows AD, LDAP, and Trust Domain are supported. Learn more about privilege settings.
  • E-map : create a central and interactive e-map that pinpoints the locations of each recording server and IP camera, and react to incidents in a timely fashion.
  • Notification : the CMS host aggregates system alerts from recording servers to allow you to stay on top of everything via email, SMS or push notifications on mobile devices.