Surveillance Station 7.2

Surveillance Station 7.2 is designed to become the heart of your surveillance network and help you create an automated, efficient , and comprehensive  digital surveillance system. With Surveillance Station 7.2, Synology introduces an even more integrated solution and intuitive user interface, making management of small-scale or massive deployments even easier than before.

I/O module integration

More possibilities, greater integration, and lower cost

When connected with I/O modules, Surveillance Station can serve as the central hub of various automation devices such as LED lights, electromagnetic locks, motion detectors , and many more. Learn more about I/O Module.

Cut down your infrastructure costs

I/O modules often provide a good alternative to avoid buying expensive specialized cameras by providing you more flexibility. With a convenient interface to handle them, Surveillance Station reduces the initial costs even further and reduces time spent by your IT stage on daily maintenance tasks. 

Centralize and automate management 

Completely integrated with Synology Central Management System  and Action Rules, the I/O Module  application in Surveillance Station allows you to administrate a dozen triggering methods and have them interact in a smart way with your other devices.

Central Management System (CMS)

Secure and manage your large-scale installations

With Surveillance Station 7.2, Synology CMS gets even smarter and more secure to help you perform your daily tasks. Learn more about Synology CMS.

QuickConnect and HTTPs support

QuickConnect is the ideal tool to rapidly access remote servers without worrying about network configuration  and dynamic IP addresses. Now integrated to CMS, it allows you to bind your recording servers to the host server without any network knowledge. Simply enter your QuickConnect ID to establish hassle free connection  . In addition, with HTTPs support, you can make sure your transmissions over the Internet remain private and secure.

Combined notifications

Managing up to thousands of cameras, I/O modules, and hundreds of servers can be a daunting tasks. If something goes wrong, Synology provides a handy notification system which has been refined for Surveillance Station 7.2. Now it’s possible to combine similar notifications in order to focus on the important topic at hand.


Find the ideal balance between stability and performance

Keyframe is an important tool in a surveillance environment as it directly influences how the encoding and compression software will handle your video stream. You can now adjust the keyframe interval: less time in-between increases the overall stream stability and quality while increasing the interval reduces bandwidth consumption.

Larger keyframe interval
Smaller keyframe interval

Live View

More features accessible from a single screen

Live View is the central access point for your security staff and needs to be as comprehensive as possible. Surveillance Station 7.2 improves this key feature even further to deliver more accessibility and convenience. Learn more about Surveillance Station Live View.


Other than the existing variety of live view layouts to pick from, Surveillance Station now offers a brand new layout option called Auto-layout. When auto-layout is enabled, Surveillance Station Live View now adapts automatically to the amount of camera streams being displayed. Whether you have a small home network or a massive multi-server deployment, live view will always be the right fit to provide optimal viewing experience.

E-Map live adjustments

E-Maps are an essential part of a business surveillance environment as they allow your surveillance staff to quickly identify each device’s location on the map. To make Live View even clearer, there are different icons in place for the IP camera, fisheye camera, I/O module and door controllers. Different device’s icon size can now be adjusted on the e-Map and device names can be hidden.


New user privilege management tools

To reinforce security and make privilege-related daily operations more convenient, NVR216 now features a complete user management interface. You can now create, remove, or assign users specific privileges directly from within NVR216. To know more about NVR216 , click here.