Surveillance Station 7.1

Surveillance Station is the ideal companion for security personnel and home users, providing an intuitive management interface and rich features to safeguard businesses and homes. In Surveillance Station 7.1, Synology delivers forward-thinking features with performance and interoperability — providing the best surveillance experience yet.

Optimized surveillance experience

More efficient than ever

Various technologies are supported in Surveillance Station 7.1 that boost the performance of your surveillance system and user experience.

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) support

Support for RTSP increases video streaming performance, providing a smoother experience when viewing surveillance feeds on Surveillance Station, as well as DS cam on iOS devices. In addition to the performance improvement, RTSP increases the flexibility of third party integration, as third party applications can obtain video streams from Surveillance Station via RTSP.

Multicast support

Multicast technology reduces the workload of your Synology NVR as well as network bandwidth, allowing video feeds to be streamed to multiple clients via a single transmission when using a router that supports Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP). This means several security personnel can monitor a live view from different workstations at the same time without affecting system performance.


Central Management System (CMS)

Efficiently manage your surveillance system

In Surveillance Station 7.1, the stability and performance of CMS have been improved, allowing 24/7 safeguarding of your businesses' environment.

Optimized Surveillance Station database

Redesigned Surveillance Station database not only increases data transmission efficiency between a CMS host and recording servers, but also improves the user experience of Surveillance Station. Hence, security personnel can achieve timely synchronization and search with efficiency.


Revamped license management

The camera license management structure is revamped in Surveillance Station 7.1, so licenses are installed on and managed by recording servers independently, instead of centralizing license management on a CMS host server. This ensures continuous recording even when the connections between a CMS host and recording servers are lost.

More event detection support

Get notified and respond to events immediately

With updated alert tools and features in Surveillance Station 7.1, security personnel don't need to be in front of the monitor all the time, as they can take advantage of various automatic onscreen alert indicators or more types of in-camera detection.

In-camera detection support

Surveillance Station 7.1 supports in-camera detection, including tampering detection, motion detection, and audio detection, allowing security personnel to monitor suspicious events with appropriate event detection features and even with more than one event detection features at a time. Moreover, utilizing in-camera detection can offload calculation tasks away from the PC's CPU, so it can be free for other important tasks.

New alert mechanism

Monitoring every nook and cranny can be difficult in a large scale environment. With Live View Analytics enabled, the events can now be highlighted directly on an E-map or live view in various ways, so security personnel don't need to worry about missing any events, as they can notice the camera and the location of the event straightaway.

Custom real-time message

Notification display is more flexible in Surveillance Station 7.1, allowing security personnel to customize and display only the useful event logs.

ONVIF Support

Enhanced interoperability brings more options

ONVIF develops a global standard of communication protocols and interfaces of network cameras to increase camera compatibility and interoperability. Surveillance Station 7.1 provides greater compatibility for more cameras models and features with updated ONVIF integration.

ONVIF Profile G support for edge recording

In the past, Surveillance Station natively provides edge recording features for selected vendors' cameras. With support of ONVIF Profile G, Surveillance Station brings more options to the cameras, supporting ONVIF compliant edge recording cameras.

Greater support for ONVIF Profile S

With the greater support of ONVIF Profile S, setting up IP cameras is easier than ever. In addition to the built-in Synology search tool, ONVIF general search interface can provide a complete list including almost all of the IP cameras within the local network, so you can find and add your cameras with a few clicks. Furthermore, ONVIF compliant cameras that have rotation and focus features are now supported in Surveillance Station 7.1.