Surveillance Station 7.0

A thoughtfully crafted interface that emphasizes ease-of-use. A bold step into the world of physical access control. Dynamic automation tools that increase efficiency. Expanded integration for specialized camera hardware. All of this, and more, delivers the most intuitive and flexible Surveillance Station yet.

Brand new design

Strikingly new, refreshingly familiar

In Surveillance Station 7.0, the interface has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. This new and intuitive design emphasizes ease-of-use, speedy multitasking, and handy organization. Additionally, performance tweaks deliver the smoothest and most responsive experience yet.

Do more with multitasking

The new design lets you open multiple windows and do more things at once. For example, keep the Live View window open to continuously monitor your spaces, while modifying settings, playing back past recordings, or managing IP cameras — all at the same time.

Alerts for Live View Analytics

Sometimes security personnel need to leave their stations for short periods of time, which might result in them missing alerts or suspicious events. With Live View Analytics enabled, the new Alert Panel displays recent events right on the Live View page, allowing security staff to easily review, play back, or save suspicious events — meaning they'll never miss anything.

Event linking

Efficiency through automation

Task automation increases efficiency, reduces human error, and closes potential gaps in your security system. To facilitate greater automation, Surveillance Station 7.0 significantly expands the functionality of action rules, making it possible to automatically perform a wider range of tasks, either according to a schedule or when pre-defined events occur.

Vast possibilities with multiple devices

With the new action rules, separate devices can be included in one rule. For example, if one camera goes offline, another camera can start patrolling a specified area. Or if a connected door is opened, a nearby camera can automatically take a snapshot or sound an alarm.

Physical access controller

Centralized integration for door monitoring

Surveillance Station 7.0 moves beyond video surveillance and into the real world of physical access control. When paired with AXIS Network Door Controller solutions, surveillance personnel can monitor access points, lock and unlock doors, and view access logs of connected doors — all from the familiar Surveillance Station interface.

See the white paper and learn more about using Axis Door Controllers with Surveillance Station

Monitor, lock, or unlock

Manually lock or unlock connected doors directly from Surveillance Station. If a door is forced open or remains open too long, an alert will notify security supervisor of the potential threat.

Inspect physical access logs

By centralizing video recordings and physical access logs in one place, you can conveniently see which employees opened a door, when it was opened, or play back recordings from the time it was opened.

Greater camera integration

Support for digital output, two-way audio, and others

One of the best things about Surveillance Station is the vast number of supported IP cameras and hardware features. Surveillance Station 7.0 delivers even more integration for specialized camera hardware, such as object tracking, digital output, and two-way audio. Deploy a flexible surveillance system perfectly tailored to your individual environment.

Digital output

Some IP cameras are equipped with digital output, allowing them to connect to and activate external devices, such as alarms or magnetic locks. With support for digital output in Surveillance Station 7.0, you can manually activate such external devices or include them in action rules.

Two-way audio

In addition to receiving audio feeds, you can now transmit real-time audio through IP cameras with two-way audio support. While monitoring a video feed, you or your security personnel can speak directly to individuals within range of a camera, eliminating the need to install dedicated, expensive intercoms.

Improved fisheye dewarping

More views for ceiling and wall mounts

For wide open spaces, such as offices, parking lots, or shopping centers, fisheye cameras provide advantages over standard cameras due to their wider viewing angles. With expanded, software-powered dewarping, Surveillance Station 7.0 lets you safeguard more spaces, while installing fewer cameras and thus reducing operating costs.

Wide-open vistas with wall mounts

For environments with wall-mounted fisheye cameras, software dewarping can separate the video feed into easily viewable chunks or 180° panorama views.

See every corner with ceiling mounts

Expanded software dewarping for ceiling mounted fisheye cameras is here, including double panorama, quad region, or triple views — making it possible to monitor all corners of a space with a single camera.

ONVIF 2.4 support

Added features for compliant devices

With support for ONVIF 2.4, Surveillance Station 7.0 brings more functionality when connected to cameras via the ONVIF standard protocol. That means administrators and system integrators can take advantage of boosted interoperability and more flexible installation with standard features like multiple stream, in-camera motion detection, digital input/output, audio output, NTP synchronization, or day/night exposure modes.

Smart and convenient tools

Having access to intelligent and intuitive tools simplifies your surveillance system, which in turn improves overall security and reduces the chance of human errors. Surveillance Station 7.0 includes more such tools, making your life that much simpler and your environment safer and more secure.

Stay informed with enhanced notifications

More types of events have been added to the list of available notifications. Now you can receive email, SMS, or mobile notifications when someone tampers with a physical access point, a connection to a recording server is lost, your VisualStation unit starts overheating, and so on. That means you’ll stay informed and be able to solve issues even faster.

Collect evidence and edit snapshots

Sometimes a simple image is more powerful than an entire video. In addition to being able to easily capture snapshots of surveillance feeds, now you can quickly edit each snapshot within Surveillance Station before saving them to your Synology NAS or downloading them to a local computer. New editing features include rotate, blur, and mask.