Important message regarding DDNS and QuickConnect services

We have discovered your Synology NAS is not running the latest available update of your current DSM version. Installing the latest update keeps your Synology NAS protected from potential threats.

We strongly suggest you install the latest version of DSM. Please visit our Download Center and download the corresponding DSM update (DSM 5.0-4528, DSM 4.3-3827, DSM 4.2-3252, or DSM 4.0-2265) for your Synology NAS model. Then, log in to DSM and go to Control Panel > Update & Restore > DSM Update > Manual DSM Update (for DSM 4.3 and earlier, please go to Control Panel > DSM Update > Manual DSM Update) and manually install the downloaded patch file.

For more information about security issues that have been addressed in these updates, please check our Synology Product Security Advisory page.

Running the latest version of DSM is essential to protecting your Synology product from threats found in older versions. In this respect, we are no longer providing DDNS and QuickConnect services for Synology products that are not running the latest available versions of DSM. To continue enjoying Synology’s DDNS and QuickConnect services, please follow the instructions above to update DSM.

When DDNS and QuickConnect services are temporary unavailable for your installed DSM version, you can still access your Synology product using its IP address. If you experience difficulties with finding the current IP address of your Synology product, please install Synology Assistant from Download Center. Synology Assistant is able to locate active Synology products within your Local Area Network.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. Should you encounter any further problems, please feel free to contact our technical support team.