Tape Replacement

In the past backing up meant managing, organizing, monitoring and storing tapes. Synology Disk and Rack Stations are an easy and affordable replacement for aging tape backup systems.

Benefits of Synology Solutions over Tape Backups

  • Easy: Setup and Automate
  • Affordable: No tapes to buy
  • Low Maintenance: No tapes to change or organize
  • Peace of Mind Monitoring: Automatic emails and health monitoring
  • Value: Get more for your money with Synology solutions right "out of the box"

As disk-to-disk backup becomes more commonplace, the traditional method of using tape backup becomes more inconvenient. Tape-based backup solutions require linear access method, which makes it very difficult to access a small portion of data in backup. Because of this, it is also very difficult to verify if the backup has been completed correctly. Also with the recent release of terabyte hard drives, this makes disk storage virtually limitless; while tape cartridge capacity cannot scale-up to today's storage demands.

All Synology Servers can be used for Tape Replacement with the following features:

  • Random Access: Synology Servers use hard drives for data storage, which is capable of random access. This provides easy to restore data from the backup and also easy to verify the integrity of the backup.
  • Concurrent Backup: Synology Servers are capable of processing multiple backup jobs which shortens the time required to execute a backup.
  • Less Maintenance Required: Because of the limited available capacity of cartridges, most tape backup systems require user intervention to replace the tape, or purchase an expensive multiple tape drive. Where Synology Servers have the near limitless capacity of hard drives and do not require user intervention.
  • Continuous Reliability: Synology servers have continuous health monitoring and automatic email notification; if a volume is full, or a disk error occurs, an email notification will be sent to the administrator. These features allow the Synology server to be a reliable backup storage.
  • Energy Savings: Synology Servers consume much less power than a common PC server and also support RAID disks hibernation. Most backup servers are active less than 30% of the time, but they have to be ready to serve 24x7. Disk hibernation not only saves energy, but also prolongs disk life expectancy.

Synology Servers are a disk-based storage system, with the benefit of quick data verification, great energy savings, and its continuous health monitoring; all of these benefits ultimately reduces the overall resources required to maintain a backup server. Synology servers are ideal for Tape Replacement.

Customer Quote:
I recently purchased a 406E and after putting in the hard drives which only took a few minutes, I plugged the unit into my switch and put the disc in the server, moments later the software had done its thing, mapped the drive automatically and I went to my back up software, in this case it is Veritas BackUp Exec, all I had to do was choose a different location to back up to, from the Tandberg tape drive to a back up folder that was on the new array of disks on the cube.. and blamo! I was backing up.. this was awesome I can now hold 14 days of complete Full backups on a RAID level 5 structure...... We are a Ready Mix Concrete plant and tapes just don’t cut it in this industry, no matter how clean you try to be dust gets in.. its the nature of the business and when I got ahold of your product I was stoked.. these boxes rock! and we know rocks..

Koncrete Industries, Inc.
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