Synology Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Affordable Surveillance Solutions for Home and Business

Affordable security options for home or the office can be difficult to setup or have ongoing maintenance costs. With the Synology Surveillance solution, it's easy and affordable to have a high-quality surveillance solution.

Benefits of Synology Surveillance Station

  • Deploy: Choose from 1,500 IP cameras and users can deploy up to 70 cameras per DiskStation and manage them on a single DiskStation
  • Easy Management: Scalable and centralized management of multiple DiskStations
  • Remote Access: View Camera Feeds While at Work or on Vacation
  • Peace of Mind: Know what's going on at your home or office while your away
  • Value: Get More for Your Money with Synology Solutions
  • ONVIF and PSIA Certification

Use the NVR Selector tool to quickly gauge the required disk space and bandwidth: NVR Selector

Read the Success Stories:

Video surveillance used to be a luxury few could afford to install and maintain. Even small and medium sized businesses often go without the protection surveillance provides. If not the cost, then the labor involved with installing and maintaining another piece of hardware is enough for most home and small business owners to not have surveillance.

At Home: Nothing is more important than the safety and security family, and with personal surveillance solutions made affordable and easy to use, anyone can gain the assurance of having a surveillance station. Wired through the home network or with wireless IP cameras, DiskStation Manager with Surveillance Station has several features advantageous to the home user. Customizable, multi-camera viewing allows for all parts of the home to be watched and recorded simultaneously. Remote access eases a parent's mind with the ability to log in from anywhere to check on the kids from work or check on the house while on vacation.

At the Office: Surveillance plays a large role in office security of both employees and property. A camera at the front desk keeps a visual record of everyone who enters and exits the property while cameras at the loading dock and warehouse ensure inventory remains secure. With the capability to backup recorded data offsite, even if the DiskStation is tampered with the video will be available if the need should arise.

Total Solution: Whether keeping an eye on front door or monitoring the house or office while on vacation, the security and peace of mind provided is priceless. Surveillance Station, advanced surveillance software, is included with every Synology NAS. By simply connecting IP cameras to the DiskStation through your network, you can take advantage of motion-sensing, scheduled monitoring ensuring the safety and protection of your property and data.

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