Healthcare Solutions

HIPAA Compliance for ePHI Data

Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides a secure, reliable, and affordable backup and file sharing solution for doctor’s offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and other medical organizations.

The data capacity and retention needs of medical organizations continues to grow at a rapid pace. High resolution C-T (CAT), PET, and MRI scans, as well as ultrasound, x-ray imaging and high definition videos require large amounts of storage. Add to that electronic medical records, documentation, financial records, insurance information, and more; and it becomes clear just how much fast and reliable digital storage is needed in the modern healthcare office.

There are many considerations to make with healthcare storage. These are some of the ways that a Synology NAS can benefit your organization

Patient and Financial Data Security

A Synology NAS offers a range of ways to secure data for both storage and transmission that is compliant with HIPAA standards for ePHIdata.

Storage Encryption

Encryption Performance

Encryption Performance

Synology business-class NAS devices supporting hardware-accelerated encryption keep data transfers fast despite the robust security applied to the data

Network Security

Whether data is being accessed locally or remotely, patient privacy is maintained. Encryption is available in transmission both locally and over the WAN, as well as when the data is held on disk.

SMB3 and Secure FTP

SMB3 provides modern shared folder access, adding AES-based end-to-end encryption for local shared folder access on Windows, Mac, and Linux servers and workstations. For large file transfers, FTPS or SFTP, enable your organization with modern FTP standards that maintain HIPAA compliance with either SSL/TLS or SSH encryption.

Compliant Backup of Sensitive Information

Whether you need to back up a server or a fleet of workstations, a Synology NAS can take advantage of encrypted backup transmission over rsyncusing SSH, SMB3, or a secure FTP connection. Additionally, backups to cloud services like Amazon Glacier are secured using SSL.

Keeps Unwanted Connections Out

A robust firewall is included in the DSM to control access to services over physical ports, or logical network ports. Geolocationfiltering is also available to confine any external requests to specific geographic locations.

Award-Winning and Intuitive Interface

Each Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) system includes the award-winning user interface known as DiskStation Manager (DSM), making it easy to integrate into your practice and control access to sensitive information.

Easy To Manage With Comprehensive Tools

Whether you’re a small private practice with no on-site IT staff, or a larger medical center with an advanced IT team. Quickly configure your storage, set permissions, and get useful information at a glance.

No Recurring Licensing For DSM

The DSM itself has no licensing for use and receives both feature updates and timely updates to critical security issues long after initial purchase. Spend less time tracking licenses, and more time on patient care and communication.

Email and Text Notifications

Should any problems arise with your NAS, an e-mail or text notification can be sent to inform pertinent members of your organization of the problem so it can be resolved quickly.

Cross-platform Made Easy

A Synology NAS plays well with Android and iOStablets and phones to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, anyone can access resources. Data is accessible via shared folders, mobile apps, and an in-browser interface.

Integrate With Existing Environments

For smaller organizations, configuring local users and groupson the NAS is easy to do. For larger organizations, joining a Synology NAS to an existing Active Directory or LDAP environment is as simple as filling in a few boxes in DSM.

Virtualization Certified

Business-class Synology NAS models are certified for use as VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V storage over iSCSIand NFS.

In-Depth Monitoring and Management

NTFS-Style access controls can also be used on files and folders, along with detailed logging information, to properly control and monitor your data.

Centralized Management (CMS)

With several Synology NAS in your organization, administering all of them can be done from a designated central server, saving time on updates.

Features That Make A Difference

The intuitive nature of DiskStation Manager (DSM) coupled with excellent documentation and support means less time training and more time focusing on healthcare.

Today, a five-bay Synology NAS can accommodate as much as 40TB of raw storage using 8TB disks, or 120TB of data with two five-bay expansion chassis attached. Meaning an organization can store over 450,000 full-body PET/CT 64 scans, or millions of smaller and lower resolution scans.

Whether you’re a small private practice or a larger medical center, a Synology NAS can support up to 100,000 user accounts when joined to an ADS domain. With business-class models as much as 2,048 to 16,000 local user accounts, and 512 to 1,024 concurrent file transfers are supported depending on the model. The User Home feature will automatically provide a privatized folder for every user which are a great target for workstation backups.

Cost-Effective, Reliable, Expandable, and Multi-Purpose Storage

A Synology NAS does more than store data, it keeps important information safe and makes it easy to add more storage when needed.With optional software packages, a Synology NAS goes beyond storage and provides medical imaging interfaces, an email server, and powerful web server all in one device.

Storage That Grows With Your Needs

Use each Synology NAS with as few as one disk, and add more as needed. Additionally, most devices in the plus-series and above can take advantage of plug-and-play expansion units. Giving you more bays at an affordable price.

Synology continually releases software updates for its products, long after your initial purchase. With performance improvements, security fixes, and new features that keep innovation coming both in your work, and the equipment you use.

Cost-Effective Performance for Databases

For imaging, prescription, and patient information databases, performance can be hindered by the use of standard hard disks. By implementing SSD caching, there is a cost effective way to bolster access times to the most recently and frequently requested database items by combining the performance of Solid-State Disks with traditional Hard Disk Drives.

Enterprise Reliability

High Availability provides organizations with the option to pair two identically configured Synology NAS devices in a mirrored pair. Reducing downtime by directing services from a primary server experiencing problems to a healthy device.

Multi-Purpose Server

A Synology NAS can host websites, run medical imaging management software, provide centralized login and authentication, and even provide physical security with Surveillance Station managing security cameras.


Optional packages are available to support PEAR PHP, Perl, Node.js, Mono, Python, and Ruby applications and web pages.

Superior Security Camera Management Software

Through the installation of the optional Surveillance Station package, your Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) can become a full-fledged Network Video Recorder (NVR) available via a web browser or mobile app.

Camera Management That Feels Just Like DiskStation Manager

Surveillance Station uses the same rich browser interface features from DiskStation Manager, making it easy to navigate between viewing live feeds and reviewing recorded footage after an incident. Analytic tools make it easy to receive notifications when something is amiss, or to find the important footage in hours of recording.

Anywhere Access

The mobile app, DS Cam, ensures you can monitor your cameras from Android and iOSdevices, and the web interface makes it easy to monitor from any computer with a web browser.

Centralized Management System (CMS)

For multi-site and multi-server NVR deployments. Use the CMS feature to control multiple Synology NAS NVR servers in different locations. Simplifying effective monitoring and management of large surveillance systems.

Text and Email Notifications

By e-mail or text message, a Synology NAS can automatically inform you of entry to sensitive areas, or after-hours intrusions.

Admissible In Court

All recorded videos and snapshots have embedded invisible digital signatures. The Evidence Integrity Authenticator developed by Synology can validate and confirm that a recording or an image hasn't been tampered with.

Extensive Camera Compatibility

Surveillance Station caters to your individual needs with extensive support for different types of cameras and support for over 3,000 devices from major hardware brands. There's no need to break the bank and purchase new equipment when integrating Surveillance Station into your security camera system.

Augment Existing NVRs

Acting as iSCSIstorage, a Synology NAS can serve as additional storage for your current security camera system.

Simple Licensing For Cameras

Each Synology NAS includes two free camera licenses. Each additional camera requires a license to use, but each license has no recurring fee, and can be transferred between devices when upgrading.