Release Notes for xCloud

With xCloud, your NAS device becomes the mobile disk of cellphone, bringing you a great experience of efficient, secure and private file transmission.

Version: 2.2.4

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 2.1.5

  1. [new]Support arm, ppc and x86 platforms.
  2. [new]Fix problem: too many sleep processes.
  3. [new]Add 120x120 icon according to DSM Developer Guide.
  4. [new]Fix problem: unrecognizable code in the setup page.
  5. [new]Fix problem: VIP status display abnormal.
  6. [new]Fix problem: xCloudClient and xCloudClient.armada370 don't match.
  7. [new]Adjust icons, optimize scripts.
  8. [new]Fix problem:Exception of background status on DSM4.3.

Version: 2.0.6

  1. [change]Change picture of Suitcase Center from 72x72 into 120x120.
  2. [change]Change picture of xCloud connection into 48x48.
  3. [change]Avoid creating xCloud storage foler under root path.
  4. [change]Adjust update model.

Version: 2.0.4

  1. Add authorization management;
  2. Fix a bug of data transferring between mobile phones and NAS devices;
  3. New user interface