Release Notes for Zarafa

Zarafa provides open and compatible E-mail and groupware platform that can be used as a drop-in Microsoft Exchange replacement for email, calendaring, collaboration and tasks.

Version: 0.5.5


** Bug

  • [ZSY-25] - Critical Bugs in Zarafa 7.1.8 (new version of 7.1.8 released)

** Bug

  • [ZSY-1] - Segfault on Synology Evansport NAS (x86)
  • [ZSY-2] - libuuid on armada370 NAS (ARM)
  • [ZSY-7] - Zarafa licensed will not start on ARM Platforms
  • [ZSY-14] - Zarafa starts before mariadb

** New Feature

  • [ZSY-13] - Update to Zarafa Webapp 1.5 final
  • [ZSY-15] - Upgrade to Zarafa 7.1.8

** Sub-task

  • [ZSY-12] - Update to OpenSSL 1.0.1l
  • [ZSY-17] - Include ncursesw lib for Zarafa 7.1.8

** Bug

  • [ZSY-19] - New Display Icons for DSM5
  • [ZSY-20] - Rename mysql to mariadb in installation wizard
  • [ZSY-21] - Change php settings via config file instead of modifying php.ini

** Bug

  • [ZSY-24] - PACKAGE_ICON_256.PNG not included in SPK

** Bug

  • [ZSY-28] - Include /var/services/tmp in openbasedir

Version: 0.4.2

  • updated to Zarafa 7.1.7
  • updated to Webapp 1.4
  • fixed: On new installations zarafa-licensed does not work
  • re-added ldap support

Version: 0.3.3

  • Fixed PHP Shutdown Bug [ZCP-10929]
  • 3rd Party link will be removed / recreated on start / stop of the package
  • Integration of first version of the Zarafa Admin GUI for NAS in DSM for creating Zarafa and Fetchmail accounts
  • Created Webapp / Webaccess symbols in DSM
  • Gettingstarted page could be found from this release on in the Zarafa Admin GUI for NAS
  • Updated Zarafa to version 7.1.2
  • Webapp 1.3 included
  • Included zarafa-client.msi for direct download from DS (link is on the gettingstarted page)
  • Licensekey can be entered during installation
  • Language of the E-Mail folders could be selected during installation
  • register_globals=0 is set in webaccess folder via .htaccess file
  • [x86] Log of licensed can now be viewed from package center
  • several libs are now included (openssl/gpgerror/gnuttls/gcrypt/idn/sasl/nettle/python/kyoto/ical/vmime)
  • IMAP Server of Zarafa will be on port 144 to avoid conflicts with synology mailserver package (only on new installations)
  • removed beta information from package info file