Release Notes for DVBLink Server

DVBLink product suite for Synology NAS turns your Synology NAS into a personal video recorder. With the support for satellite (DVB-S/S2), Cable (DVB-C and QAM) and terrestrial (DVB-T/T2 and ATSC) reception DVBLink TV Server will record your favorite TV programs in original quality directly to a hard disk of your Synology NAS and let you watch live and recorded TV content within your home network and on the go.

Version: 5.0.0

  • Added: Support for PCTV 292e triple stick (dvb-t/t2/c)
  • Added: Support for Technotrend CT2-4400 triple stick (dvb-t/t2/c) and Technotrend CT2-4650 triple stick with CI module
  • Added: Support for Evolveo Dual HD DVB-T tuner
  • Added: Streaming/recording of multiple TV channels from the same transponder
  • Added: Monitoring tab in DVBLink web interface with overview of currently active channels
  • Added: Transcoded playback of live and recorded TV on Intel-based NAS products in web browser, iOS and Android apps
  • Added: Grid-like overview of the TV channels
  • Added: Support for Huffman character encoding for Freeview HD channels
  • Added: Support for server based timeshifting in DVBLink XBMC PVR addon
  • Added: Grabber functionality for xmltv EPG source (automatic download/unpacking and processing of the xmltv file, referred by http url)
  • Added: Search pattern based recording schedule (TV Guide page -> Search -> Add as a recording schedule)
  • Added: Automatic update notifications for DVBLink server resources (transponder files)
  • Added: Social network integration (sharing impressions about tv prohgrams and recordings on twitter, facebook and google+)
  • Added: Support for weekly and arbitrary weekday(s) manual series recordings

Version: 4.7.0

  • Fixed: Slow channel changes in XBMC using DVBLink (PVR) addon
  • Added: Support for DSM5.0
  • Added: Support for PCTV 74e stick
  • Fixed: Failed tuning on high band transponders for PCTV 461e

Version: 4.6.0



  • (all) Added: source groups for easy configuration of the identical sources
  • (iomega) Fixed: Incorrect DVBLink package installation on NAS firmware 4.x

DVBLink TVSource:

  • (all) Added: New TVSource configuration interface with tuner type specific channel search
  • (all) Added: Possibility to scan only FTA channels
  • (all) Fixed: DigitalDevices Octopus.NET SAT>IP receiver is not detected
  • (all) Added: DVB-C scan support for DigitalDevices Octopus.NET SAT>IP receiver
  • (all) Fixed: NULL packets are not filtered when using HDHomeRun tuner
  • (nas) Fixed: Incorrect module loading order for Hauppauge 950Q tuner
  • (nas) Fixed: TBS5680 cannot tune low transponder frequencies
  • (win, build>=8782) Added: Support for TT-Budget and TT-Connect CT2-4500CI tuners
  • (nas, build>=8779) Added: Support for TBS DVB-C USB stick
  • (nas, build>=8779) Fixed: low signal quality / visual artifacts on some cable networks for TBS 5680 CI tuner
  • (synology nas, build>=8954) Fixed: Compatibility with DSM4.3
  • (syn, qnap, win, build>=8954) Fixed: Octopus.NET tuner is not found after firmware update to 1.4
  • (syn, qnap, build>=8954) Fixed: Compatibility with the new revision of Hauppauge 950Q tuner

DVBLink Connect! Server / DVBLink Server for NAS platform:

  • (nas) Fixed: DLNA/recording settings cannot be saved
  • (all) Fixed: Use of uninitialized pointer in DLNA stack, which may lead to crash on start-up
  • (all) Fixed: Series recording of episodes having (episode number) in their names loader:

  • (all) Added: support for episode number

DVBLink for IPTV:

  • (all, build>=8912) Added: support for HLS - Apple live streams (m3u8)
  • (all, build>=8912) Fixed: digest authentication not working for RTP protocol

Version 4.6.0 also includes all fixes and additions, previously released as new builds for v4.5.3. The list of those fixes and additons can be found here:

Version: 4.5.3


To migrate 4.5.1 installation into 4.5.3, please read the how-to below:


  • (all) Added: Updated "Sources" tab of DVBLink web configurator
  • (all) Added: Build number information and new version availability check
  • (all) Fixed: no/corrupt stream if transport stream is delivered in chunks that are smaller than a single packet
  • (all) Added: log file size limit

DVBLink Connect! Server / DVBLink Server for NAS platform:

  • (all) Fixed: incorrect DLNA presentation url
  • (all) Added: built-in recorder periodically checks for and removes from database TV recordings without the actual file
  • (all) Added: DLNA categories "by genre" and "by series"
  • (all) Added: season/episode information to names visible in DLNA clients
  • (all) Added: season/episode information to file names (SxxExx-name-....ts)
  • (all) Added: retrieval of TV recordings list as m3u file
  • (all) Fixed: streaming using m3u file or for boxee does not work with two or more clients at the same time
  • (win) Fixed: unstable iOS transcoded streaming
  • (win) Fixed: transcoded web and winphone streaming does not work because of missing Windows firewall rule
  • (all) Fixed: Crash/no stream because DLNA function sometimes caused memory overwrite
  • (all) Added: Program search on genre
  • (all) Added: by genre and by series categories to display recorded TV items
  • (all) Fixed: DVBLink DLNA server does not support trick modes (FF/FB) on some DLNA clients
  • (all) build >= 8282. Fixed: incorrect bit value in the generated PAT packet, which caused recorded TV files not to be playable on certain (DLNA) clients
  • (nas) build >= 8339. Added: thumbnail generation for TV recordings
  • (syn ppc) build >= 8339. Fixed: Windows MCE network client does not work


  • (all) Fixed: no detection of sat>ip receivers if more than one network adapter is present in the system
  • (all) Fixed: unstable streaming for some models of sat>ip receivers
  • (all) Fixed: incorrect tuner type after importing settings from another TVSource instance
  • (Synology/QNAP/NetGear x86 NAS models) Added: support for TBS5680CI tuner
  • (Synology x86) Fixed: tuner driver incompatibility with DSM4.2
  • (all) Fixed: incorrect Czech symbols in EPG and channel names
  • (win) Added: support for diseqc and CI of DVBSky tuners
  • (win) Fixed: Elgato DVB-S2 EyeSat does not work with TVSource v4.5
  • (all) Fixed: NA Bandstacked DP (DSS) setting does not work
  • (win) Fixed: Gigabyte U8300 tuner does not work with v4.5
  • (win) Fixed: channels are found during scan, but never work in normal operations (PAT scanning has timed out)
  • (nas) Added: support for Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-TD (dual DVB-T) tuner
  • (nas) Added: tuner insert/removal autodetection after the DVBLink package start-up
  • (win) Added: Unicable support for TeVii tuners (others may start working as well as generic mechanism was implemented)
  • (win) Fixed: crash during background ATSC EPG scan
  • (all) Fixed: incorrect characters in EPG for CYFRA+ Polish channels
  • (all) build >= 8339. Added: user interface for transponder file editing
  • (all) build >= 8339. Fixed: incorrect Polish symbols in EPG (codepage 0x10)


  • (all) Fixed: Incompatibility with the latest PLi images using openwebif (error: url does not start with http://...)


  • (all) Fixed: Incorrect parsing of series/episode number if first value is empty


  • (all) Fixed: not possible to play more than 2 streams delivered using http protocol
  • (NetGear x86) Fixed: host name resolution does not work
  • (nas) Fixed: udp streams do not work under certain circumstances
  • (all) Fixed: error while parsing urls with @ symbol as a port separator


  • (win) Fixed: Digiguide does not update schedules if computer goes to standby from time to time


  • (all) Fixed: programs have no genre information