What is NAS

Got insufficient storage? Here's the solution! Synology NAS frees up space on all of your devices, allowing you to access, share, and back up files with ease.

Need more space on your phone?

Photos, now automatically synced.

Install DS photo on your iOS or Android to have new pictures automatically synced to your Synology NAS. Browse and retrieve your pictures with DS photo even after you have accidentally deleted the original files from your phone. You can also choose to only upload automatically when you're connected to Wi-Fi.

What if I get a phone with larger internal storage?

A short-term relief, maybe.

Compared with other electronics, mobile devices are notoriously overpriced for their storage space. Even with a more capacious phone, your migrated files will take up a lot of space. In the end, you may not enjoy as much available storage as you thought...

Try Synology NAS!

Gigantic space for storage and backup

Enjoy storage space hundreds of times larger than your phone, and retrieve any deleted photos from your NAS when you accidentally erase them.

Share your photo albums online with one click

With Photo Station, create online photo albums and share them with friends on Facebook and Flickr. Learn more

Got a laptop bursting with files?

No more worries about laptop storage

Enjoy terabytes of storage space large enough to accommodate the entire family. Synology NAS comes with a multitude of protection mechanisms to safeguard your data 24/7, while remaining easily accessible through your home network and the Internet.

What about external hard drives?

In the long run, it may be more problematic

At first glance, external hard drives seem a simple solution. However, you might forget to bring it to work, have a hard time locating an important file, or simply drop it on the floor and lose all your files for good.

Try Synology NAS!

Centralized management

Instead of having your files scattered on multiple hard disks or computers, keep everything in one place. No need to challenge your memory when finding files!

Remote access

Stop traveling with your bulky hard disks. By connecting to the Internet, access the files stored on your NAS anytime, anywhere.

Computer hard drive crashed?

Back up files the moment you save them

With Cloud Station Backup, select the folders and file formats of your preference, or simply select the entire local disk, and have your files backed up to your Synology NAS in no time. Take advantage of its massive storage capacity and back up multiple computers to your Synology NAS easily.

But don't hard drives usually have a long lifespan?

That may be true, but what happens when you accidentally delete something?

In the case of hardware failure, it's easy to turn to manufacturers to repair those dead hard drives, but if you accidentally wipe out the data yourself, having your files rescued could be extremely difficult.

Try Synology NAS!

File recovery at all times

Cloud Station Backup retains up to 32 versions of a single file. Log in to your Synology NAS to browse through each version by its modified time, and restore any previous version of your choice. Learn more

Support for your favorite backup software

Already using Windows Backup, Windows File History, or Mac Time Machine? Back up these files to your Synology NAS with the software you're familiar with.