• Allows secure and smooth connections from mobile and PC clients to Synology NAS via the Internet without the hassle of setting up port forwarding rules and router configurations
  • Creates a readable URL that allows easy file sharing both internally and externally for certain Synology packages


  • Ensures server connection efficiency by a LAN/WAN detection mechanism to choose the optimal connection method (Learn more)
  • Ensures server reachability by choosing the optimal connection route and the optional QuickConnect relay service
  • Secures network connections with end-to-end encryption if SSL is enabled
  • Applies required port forwarding rules on compatible UPnP routers automatically
  • Customizable permissions for applications to allow access via QuickConnect
  • Supports detailed incident records for QuickConnect on the Synology Service Status website (Learn more)
  • Supports the following applications and services:
    • DSM
    • SRM
    • Central Management System (CMS)
    • Application Portal
    • Photo Station
    • Moments
    • Audio Station
    • Surveillance Station (including Synology Surveillance Station Client)
    • Download Station
    • Cloud Station (Cloud Station Backup and Cloud Station Drive)
    • Synology Drive Server (including Synology Drive Client)
    • Video Station
    • File Station
    • File Sharing
    • Chat (including Synology Chat Client)
    • Note Station (including Synology Note Station Client)
    • All Synology mobile apps (LiveCam & VPN Plus is excluded)


  • Connections to third-party applications are not supported
  • Not supported on certain services and packages that require mapping directly to an IP address or a DDNS
  • Relayed QuickConnect connections may be slower than connections via port forwarding because of longer network latency
  • Relay service might not work because of certain limitations of ISPs in some regions



  • Translate the domain name of your Synology NAS to an IP address
  • Multiple DDNS providers
  • Synology Heartbeat service DDNS server
  • Supports custom DDNS provider profiles



  • Express Setup: Supports UPnP & NAT-PMP routers
  • Advanced Setup: Supports signing in to a router with an admin account
  • Supports custom ports for router port-forwarding rules
  • Provides router port accessibility test to ensure forwarded ports can be accessed from the Internet