Account & Privilege


  • Supports bulk user creation by importing user lists in UTF-8 encoded files
  • Supports adding users to more than one user groups for easy management
  • Supports configuring password strength and expiration rules
  • Allows self password reset for non-admin users
  • Allows customizing the permission settings of individual folders and files for users and groups
  • Allows customizing the permission settings of applications for users, groups, and IP addresses
  • Supports setting quota for volumes/shared folders to control the maximum amount of storage space available to each user
  • Supports setting speed limits for users and groups for FTP, rsync, File Station, and Cloud Sync


  • Number of maximum local users: 16,000
  • Number of maximum local groups: 512
  • Username length: Up to 64 Unicode characters
  • Group name length: Up to 32 Unicode characters
  • Password length: Up to 127 Unicode characters
  • User/group description length: Up to 64 Unicode characters
  • Maximum quota for ext4 volume: 4 TB
  • Customize password valid duration:
    • Range of days before the password becomes invalid: 1 - 999 days
    • Range of days before the system prompts users to change the password: 1 - 99 days
  • System reserved usernames and group names shown below cannot be deleted:
    • System users: "SynologyCMS", "MAILER-DAEMON", and "POSTMASTER"
    • Default users: "admin" and "guest"
    • Default groups: "administrators", "http", and "users"
  • All users belong to the "users" group by default and cannot be removed from this group
  • The "admin" account has full permission to access all services and applications on Synology NAS
  • Users in the "administrators" group have unlimited quota for volumes/shared folders
  • Prioritization for privileges:
    • Shared folder permission: No access > Read/Write > Read only
    • Application permission: Deny > Allow
  • When enabling Local Master Browser in SMB settings, the default "guest" account will be automatically enabled


  • Naming limitations for usernames and group names:
    • Cannot contain special characters: {}|^[]?=:+/*()$!"#%&',;<>@`~
    • The first character cannot be a minus sign or a space, and the last character cannot be a space