File Sharing

DSM provides fast and secure ways to share digital files with anyone, anywhere. With File Station, you can explore, organize, and move files between your computer and DiskStation, while customizing access permissions to enhance security and productivity. Enjoy seamless file sharing across different platforms — whether it's Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® computers or mobile devices.

File Station

Your ultimate file center

File Station is a handy file explorer for organizing and sharing files stored on DiskStation. Upload files from Mac or PC by simply dragging and dropping them into your browser, then share with friends or coworkers with fast sharing tools. Explore and organize files using a mobile phone or tablet with DS file — available free for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Share files easily

Share files and folders over the Internet with friends and coworkers by sending them a link or email. Place your own background to provide a customized experience.

File requests for non-DSM users

Create and manage a file request, assign a password or an expiration if needed, and your contacts will be able to use the drag-n-drop interface to conveniently send files without any DSM credentials.

Trust and security

Ensure files are shared securely with support for HTTPS, password-protected sharing links, and expiration time.

Access files on remote servers

Mount folders on remote servers in order to centralize file access, or use virtual drives support to mount up to 16 ISO images simultaneously, making batch installation quick and easy.

Cloud Storage

File Station can be used as a smart cloud client to browse and download remote data stored in your public cloud accounts such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive, as if they were stored locally.

Full Content Search

Keep an eye on all your files in a snap

File Station allows you to manage terabytes of data within your NAS. Keeping everything organized and quickly available manually can be challenging, especially when multiple users store files on your NAS. DSM integrates a lean, highly integrated, and swift search engine which performs deep indexation of all your files, so you can rapidly find everything with a few keystrokes.

Optimized for all hardware

Synology’s search engine has been thoroughly optimized and integrated within DSM, resulting in exceptionally low resource consumption and allowing it to run on all DiskStations compatible with DSM 6.1.

Metadata indexation for media files

All media files include metadata for easy classification: it might be the camera you used to take a picture, the name of an artist, and so on. DSM 6.0's new search tools include these details in the indexed data for a more efficient and flexible search.

Comprehensive file format recognition

File Station's search engine can recognize and process over 700 file formats, including all the most commonly used worldwide. This is the perfect balance of convenience and memory efficiency to deliver the most responsive and useful experience.

Document Management

Do more from your browser

Synology provides two packages* to give more flexibility to DSM users when browsing documents on their desktops. For a more streamlined experience, Text Editor and Document Viewer can be launched directly from File Station once installed.

  • Get a quick look with Document Viewer

    To view all the common file formats, including Office documents, directly in your browser. To prevent unwanted duplication of documents, it is also possible to lock it and disallow users to print or copy them.

  • Edit your files in Text Editor

    Sometimes it’s necessary to quickly adjust a text document whether it’s a piece of code or just a random note. Open and modify plain text files directly in DSM. Change character encoding, recognize file types, and see variable highlighting.

Windows®, Mac® & Linux®

Seamless and compatible sharing across platforms

With comprehensive network protocol support including FTP, SMB2, SMB3 (encryption), AFP, NFS and WebDAV, DiskStation ensures seamless file sharing across Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® platforms. Whatever protocol you need, we have it covered. Simply connect to your DiskStation just like accessing any local network drive.

Don't worry about losing files with the Recycle Bin feature. Advanced retention policies let you decide which files are permanently removed, according to deletion time, size, or file type. The Recycle Bin feature is supported on AFP, SMB, File Station, and WebDAV.

Mac Finder integration

Shared folders on your Synology NAS can be indexed, so their content can be found almost instantaneously. Whether it's a picture from your last vacation or an important document for work, you can now use Mac Finder to quickly search the content of indexed files within mounted folders on your Synology NAS.

Presto File Server

Large file transfer to anywhere you desire in a desirable speed securely

As needs for passing large files around the globe grow, commonly adopted ways of file transfer such as FTP or HTTP(S) are no longer sufficient to meet the prompt delivery needs. Presto helps users to fully utilize the purchased bandwidth and ensuring on-time delivery of massive digital contents over WAN, fast and reliable, transforming Synology NAS into a speedy file transfer portal.

Learn more about Presto File Server


More file sharing and sync possibilities

In today's connected world, businesses both large and small need to transfer files to distant customers, quickly access documents on common infrastructure, or synchronize data with various applications. DSM delivers diverse support for whatever networking protocol you need.


If you need to share big files over the Internet, FTP is a tried-and-true solution. Host your own FTP server or connect to another FTP server to easily download files directly to your DiskStation. Advanced settings like bandwidth control and SSL/TLS ensure smooth and secure service.


Remotely edit and manage files stored on DiskStation with WebDAV applications, such as Windows Explorer, Mac OS Finder, or Linux File Browser.


Host a personal CalDAV server to synchronize calendars and tasks with your favorite CalDAV applications, such as iCal® on Mac OS®, iPhone®, or iPad®.


Centralize and synchronize contact information on your DiskStation and various CardDAV applications, such as Apple iOS, Mac OS, Gmail, and others.


* On select models only