All-in-One Server

With modern hardware, having a dedicated machine for each specific task rapidly becomes an expensive and inefficient solution. DSM's modular system allows you to install comprehensive applications and services on your DiskStation, whenever you need them. In addition, it’s possible to install software from third-party sources or even create your own.

Network Services

Unify your network strategy through DSM

DHCP Server

Each connected device needs an IP address, but assigning them manually can quickly become a hassle. Automate the IP assignments for your whole network with a DHCP server. Learn More

DNS Server

You don't want to remember a lengthy IP address? Use DNS Server to host your own domain name services, and improve namespace management within an organization at no extra cost. Learn More

Log Center

With the syslog server and client embedded in the Log Center, it is easy to send, receive, and manage logs produced by any connected network device. Whether it's a UPS device or another NAS, every compatible device can feed their log to your DiskStation. Learn More

Application Serving

Maximize your DiskStation's ROI

Instead of using external and often costly applications, you can use your DiskStation for a wide range of services. It's easy to configure, completely free, and privately owned, ensuring maximum control over your data and services.

Web Station

With the built-in Web Station feature and PHP and MariaDB support, you can host a website on your Synology NAS, such as a business homepage, blog, portfolio, or others. Thanks to the Virtual Host feature, it is possible to host multiple websites using a single Synology NAS. Learn More

Mail Services

The MailPlus and MailPlus Server packages allow your business to set up a secure, reliable, and private mail server while giving your employees a modern mail client for receiving and sending messages. Learn more about the powerful features of MailPlus

Print Server

Simply connect a printer to a DiskStation and print, scan, or fax from any computer. Save money and dramatically increase your company efficiency. Learn More

Network Management

Secure and enhance your network

Active Directory Server

Active Directory Server transforms your Synology NAS into a domain controller for managing user/group directories and Windows computers with group policies (e.g. auto-installing software or Windows update on domain computers). Learn More


RADIUS protocol provides a central way to authenticate and authorize connections on your network. Create your own server to ensure secured authentication for everyone. Learn More

Directory Server

Directory Server provides LDAP service with centralized access control, authentication, and account management. Learn More

VPN Server

With Synology's VPN solution, employees can easily access resources remotely, without breaching security protocols. Synology VPN server is compatible with Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP over IPSec. Learn More

Proxy Server

Synology's Proxy Server is the ideal supplement to an efficient and secured network infrastructure. It includes numerous features such as web caching, content access restriction and monitoring, pre-defined rules, and IP filtering. Learn More

SSO Server

A single sign-on (SSO) server centralizes authentication to eliminate the inefficiency of signing into each web service one by one. You will be able to log in to Synology web applications with one single DSM account. Learn More