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Synology Office

Real-time collaboration on your private cloud

Work seamlessly together on documents and spreadsheets on a safe and secure private cloud. Every edit you make will be synced with your NAS ensuring sensitive corporate data remains safely stored on company premises. Running on Synology NAS, Office is a collaboration package combining the convenience and usability of public cloud services with data privacy and security offered by the private cloud.

One document, multiple users

Synology Office provides real-time collaboration on online documents. Multiple team members can work simultaneously on a single version of the same document.

  • Display relevant comments

    The newsfeed allows you to view the latest comments made on the document while filters gives you the option to display relevant comments or mentions.

  • Effective team interaction

    Comments can be replied to and marked as resolved once the changes are finalized. With the Chat plug-in, users can discuss revisions while working on the document without switching between applications.

  • Streamlined review process

    Reviewers can go into revise mode to make revision suggestions while writers can choose whether or not to accept the modification.

Create professional charts on spreadsheets

Create charts on spreadsheets to communicate with your audience more effectively. Data can be organized and presented as pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and more. You can also format currency, time, and date by regional settings, ensuring all entries are localized and neatly displayed.

Integrates with Synology Chat

Keep the team moving forward with Synology Chat. With no need to switch between different applications, team members can communicate directly on Chat plug-in while simultaneously working together on the same document or spreadsheet — as if they are sitting next to each other.

Chat plug-in

Communicate on Chat while editing a document or spreadsheet. Team members who are currently editing your work will be automatically listed at the top.

Link Office folders to Chat

Link an Office folder to a specific channel on Chat, and receive notifications when documents or spreadsheets are added and removed.

Retrieve previous versions of your work

Every revision you make on documents and spreadsheets is retrievable. You and your team can navigate all the changes and modifications made on the project, and choose to restore a previous version with a click.

Pre-made document and spreadsheet templates

Whether you are writing a business plan or creating a project timeline, Office provides a collection of pre-made templates allowing you to get started very quickly.

More features

  • Protect the privacy of your content with encryption options
  • Structure your documents with built-in or customizable heading styles
  • Assign user permissions for documents and spreadsheets
  • Organize documents and spreadsheets by category, folder, or labels
  • To enhance work efficiency, Office allows users to receive instant notifications on Chat, Office notification center, and emails