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Stay connected and accomplish more

Share calendars, schedule meetings, and add new events directly within MailPlus. Calendar runs on Synology NAS, ensuring sensitive corporate information remains safely stored on company premises while providing users the agility and usability equivalent of public cloud services.

Stay on track throughout the day

Get a quick overview of all the tasks that need to be done for the day. Upcoming daily events are displayed on the menu bar, keeping tasks visible at a glance to make sure you get things done and are always on time for important appointments. Calendar’s intuitive user interface lets you drag and drop tasks to adjust your schedule, and add new events and reminders on the fly.

Share calendars and keep the team in sync

Keeping up with everyone’s schedule becomes a challenge as your organization starts to expand. Create a calendar that is accessible to your team, allowing everyone to become fully aware of future projects and deadlines, while being able to schedule meetings with less of a hassle. Additional features include the option to assign read or write access permission for users viewing your calendar.

Create calendar events within MailPlus

Calendar integrates seamlessly with MailPlus, eliminating the need to switch between different applications when adding new events. Dates and times mentioned in MailPlus are automatically highlighted, triggering a clickable popup menu that enables you to create new Calendar events directly within the applications.

Compatible with iOS and macOS native calendars

Calendar supports CalDAV, allowing you to synchronize events and tasks with iOS and macOS native calendars. Users do not need to repeatedly update their schedules on different devices or constantly switch between different applications.

More features

  • Set up event reminders to keep track of your schedule
  • Easily import existing calendars from different applications