DiskStation Manager 5.2

The advent of always accessible data is reshaping our world in exciting ways, increasing business efficiency and unlocking creative opportunities for individuals. DiskStation Manager 5.2 continues to create new possibilities for your private cloud with more business applications and intuitive data management, so you can concentrate on achieving more at work or enjoying your free time.

Note Station

Collect, organize, and get things done

We live in an era where such large amounts of information are dealt with every day, sometimes it's difficult to process everything. That’s where Note Station comes in. The new Synology Web Clipper captures any web page directly in a Chrome window, allowing you to quickly create a new note and save it for future reference. If actions are required, you can create independent to-do items or attach them to different notes, set priorities, and get reminders. Learn more

Cloud Station & Cloud Sync

Smooth, secure, private file syncing

These days you probably work and play on multiple screens throughout the day, such as your office computer, home laptop, or mobile device. To ensure everything is accessible at all times, Cloud Station now delivers smoother performance with smart polling and customizable file versioning for each shared folder. Also, Cloud Sync now offers one-way sync options, making things easier when backing up data to a public cloud or vice versa, while data encryption guarantees files sent to the public cloud remain for your eyes only. Learn more

Backup & Replication

Single file restoration and smart version control

Your important data should be protected with a flexible backup strategy, so Backup & Replication now brings even more convenient tools, such as the file browser for quickly finding and restoring specific files, as well as new rotation settings that automatically remove old backup versions, keeping everything tidy and potentially freeing up storage space. Learn more

Select the exact file you want and copy, restore, or download it.

Find the right backup version with the timeline.

DS photo

Bring your photos to the big TV screen

Taking pictures to capture memorable moments, such as travel, a best friend's wedding, or interesting parties, is a part of our daily lives. With DS photo’s support for Chromecast and DLNA-compatible devices, it’s now possible to share these moments on a big screen TV. Also, Synology’s mobile apps deliver a more flexible, customizable multimedia experience with DS audio’s new equalizer and the ability to download specific files of a torrent via DS download. Learn more

New modes for Link Aggregation

Optimized bandwidth and safety without advanced switch

Link Aggregation is an essential network feature, allowing you to tailor the behavior of your network ports according to your needs and find a balance between reliability and performance. DSM is now compatible with the following-modes: Active-standby, 802.3ad dynamic, Balanced XOR, and Adaptive Load Balancing, allowing you to benefit from link aggregation without server-class switch. Learn more

Improved SSD cache

Smaller memory footprint

SSD caching is a very powerful technology developed by Synology to give a dramatic performance boost without crippling an IT budget. DSM 5.2 brings a lot of under the hood changes, reducing the RAM consumption of SSD caching by up to 90%, allowing more users to enable it. Learn more

New security features

Protecting your data from prying eyes

Network and system security is an incredibly complicated topic, so Synology is devoted to creating a secure environment for you to safely store and share data, without worrying about it falling into the wrong hands.

SMB 3 encryption for secure transmissions

Support for SMB 3 encryption allows your DiskStation to secure file transfers to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 or later, reducing the possibility of tampering and eavesdropping when data moves across your company's network. Protect your sensitive information without installing or spending resources on extraneous third-party encryption solutions.

Package profiles in AppArmor

By restricting malicious software from accessing unauthorized system resources, AppArmor minimizes the impact of potential attacks. In addition to system applications, AppArmor now supports profiles for packages, further strengthening your DiskStation against unknown threats.


Lightweight virtualization for fast deployment

Select Synology models support running Docker — a lightweight software containerization solution. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Synology delivers more packages for seamless deployment on your Synology NAS, such as Redmine or GitLab. To know more about Docker and compatible models, check out the Package Center.