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Synology® Introduces Groundbreaking Enterprise Units

Unleash an IT transformation with performance, storage capacity, and physical size.

BELLEVUE, Washington —July 25, 2019—Synology Inc. today launched FS6400, FS3400, and SA3400, refining the product portfolio to resolve IT challenges from IO density, storage capacity, and physical dimensions of the server. These models are successors to the existing ones with a name change in the product series to better distinguish among high-end rackmount servers.

"Synology renews the product portfolio for high-end models to offer more options tailored to the demands from various business workloads," said Jason Fan, Product Manager at Synology Inc. "When it comes to data management, performance and capacity are two central concerns facing businesses. Therefore, we developed the FS and SA series to address these specific concerns from IT administration, taking data management to new levels of flexibility and efficiency. All of these eliminate storage silos and enable businesses to realize the potential value of their important data."

FlashStation FS6400: Accelerated storage for every workload

FS6400 is armed with dual Intel® Xeon® Silver 8-core processors, delivering over 240,000 iSCSI 4K random write IOPS and responding to the demand for higher performance and greater business agility. Two PCIe 3.0 slots allow for additional network interface cards. With 32GB of DDR4 ECC RDIMM memory (expandable up to 512GB) the new all-flash storage FS6400 is ideal for virtualized and containerized environments, databases, and web-based applications.

FlashStation FS3400: Flash adoption for SMBs to liberate the power of data

Powered by Intel® 8-core, 2.1 GHz CPU and 16GB ECC RDIMM memory, FS3400 delivers more than 137,000 4K random write IOPS, speeding up the responsiveness of business-critical applications. Users can flexibly choose between SAS and SATA drives without vendor lock-in to align with their service deployment. Storage capacity is able to expand up to 72 or 48 drives with two Synology RX2417sas or two RX1217sas, giving businesses more than 500TB of raw capacity. The networking bandwidth can expand through an additional 25/40GbE network interface card, but FS3400 comes with 2 x 10GbE and 4 x 1GbE Ethernet ports which support failover and Link Aggregation.

SA3400: A large-scale solution for large-scale businesses

SA3400, the first model in the SA series, serves as the successor of RS18017xs+ with an upgraded CPU from six to eight cores and a 50% performance boost in 4K random read IOPS. Equipped with an 8-core, 2.1 GHz CPU and 16GB ECC RDIMM memory (expandable up to 128GB), the SA3400 is scalable up to 1,536TB with unnoticeable performance degradation. With more than one petabyte raw capacity, two 10GbE and four 1GbE Ethernet ports, the SA3400 is ideal for video post-production and massive surveillance deployment.


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Synology creates network-attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way users manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage networks in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, implement professional surveillance solutions, and manage networks in reliable and affordable ways. Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services.

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