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Synology® C2 cloud reaches 200 PB milestone

Bellevue, WA (July 25, 2023) — Synology has announced the amount of data backed up in its cloud storage and backup platform, Synology C2, has surpassed 200 PB, an increase of 47% over the same period last year. Additionally, over the last 12 months, Synology saw faster adoption among customers with larger data sets (over 50TB) compared to the previous year.

"The accelerating growth of Synology C2 is a clear indication that businesses are prioritizing flexibility and ease of management in their backup solutions, especially when it comes to large deployments," said Alex Wang, CEO of Synology America. "Enterprise teams want intuitive solutions that integrate with their existing infrastructure without sacrificing advanced backup and recovery features. Synology C2 gives businesses flexible storage options as data continues to grow, while providing services specifically designed for bigger sets of data."

The cloud platform offers two services for organizations seeking cloud backup: C2 Storage for backing up Synology servers and C2 Backup for protecting edge and cloud data.   

C2 Storage provides flexible cloud storage for Synology customers

C2 Storage is Synology's cloud storage solution designed to keep Synology NAS data protected and available at all times. Synology customers can leverage C2 Storage in tandem with Hyper Backup and take advantage of features like deduplication, flexible restoration options, and automated backup schedules. C2 Storage can also facilitate a file synchronization between offices to help cross-site teams collaborate.

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C2 Backup for Business is built with businesses in mind

C2 Backup is Synology's all-in-one cloud platform for backing up computers, physical servers, as well as data from other cloud services like Microsoft 365. It supports mass deployments for environments with thousands of devices or cloud accounts to protect, as well as granular recovery options.   

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Customer Story: Protecting thousands of Microsoft 365 accounts at East Aurora Schools

East Aurora School District 131 (EA131) is a large school district in Illinois, serving over 13,500 students across 23 schools. Faculty keep important data stored in OneDrive and Outlook, but the school district wanted to retain that data for years beyond what the built-in retention policy was able to provide. Additionally, most enterprise-grade cloud backup options that would satisfy EA131's conditions were cost-prohibitive and required extensive training for employees to use.

With C2 Backup for Business, EA131 was able to batch-configure automatic backup tasks for thousands of accounts that saved time-stamped versions of each account at regular intervals. They also established automatic backups for all employee email accounts and then set district-wide retention policies for their backups to match their retention goals. C2 Backup also reduced total training time for employees, giving them an intuitive self-service file recovery workflow.

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